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Eli Manning Gets a Raw Deal

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Before the 2017 football season started, if you would have told me Eli Manning would be benched for Geno Smith, I would have thought you were higher than a kite.

Sure enough, as the New York football Giants head into week 13 against the Oakland Raiders, Geno Smith will be under center and will give the Giants “their best chance to win” according to delusional head coach Ben McAdoo.

Even as somebody who has been critical of Manning over the years and as somebody who isn’t really the biggest Giants supporter, this turns my stomach into knots.

It was hard watching Eli Manning hold himself back from breaking down.

It’s a pretty classless and dumb move. I could understand if rookie Davis Webb were getting the shot, because he is the future of the team once Manning were to retire. However, how is Geno Smith an option? If anything, he is your best option to get a top three draft pick, not to win a football game.

Many shock jocks, former NFL players, former Giants and former teammates of Manning were even more disgusted by the move.


I highly doubt Manning will stay in New York next season. It seems more and more likely he will head to Jacksonville to join Tom Coughlin over there and mentor Blake Bortles.

I bet Wellington Mara is rolling over in his grave.


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