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Fantasy Baseball Buy Low Options

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Fantasy Baseball can be a very frustrating game at times.

For those like myself who put big money into full season leagues, it can cause severe anxiety and anger due to injuries or stars that under perform.

In my case, watching Miguel Sano, AJ Pollock and Byron Buxton all go down within a few weeks of each other sent a tingle down my spine. Seeing Domingo Santana look like a shell of himself at the plate is going to cause a burst capillary. Every time Chris Archer gets the ball, I wonder how on earth this guy struck out over 240 batters in a season, but I still drafted him as my “ace” hoping he would find motivation to leave Tampa Bay. Yet, I find myself only 11 points out of first place in my Rotisserie style 12 team league thanks to Charlie Morton and Eugenio Suarez.

Fantasy baseball is frustrating, but it’s all about luck at the end of the day.

Plus, I know my team is not the only team hurting from injuries and not the only team that has players who are under-performing.

With that being said, here are 10 guys who you should consider working a deal out for with a frustrated owner looking to get a return on what looks to be a terrible investment.

Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks) – 

Even with Arizona using a humidor at Chase Field, I never would have thought Goldy would be suffering at the plate like he is now. His strikeout rate is through the roof and he isn’t stealing bases. Somebody who has been so dominant for so long can’t fall off the face of the earth like this, right? His home/road splits are encouraging due to him still hitting extremely well away from Chase Field. It’s just a long slump that will go away, even with the inflated strikeout rate. Why do I think that? Everybody else on Arizona is hitting fine at home, so it can’t be just Goldschmidt who is feeling the heat so to speak. The steals may not be over 20, but he definitely will get the AVG, HR, RBI and OBP numbers back to where they are supposed to be as a first round selection.

Byron Buxton (Minnesota Twins) – 

As a Buxton owner, between the injuries and the way below expected numbers, it has been frustrating thus far.

Thing is, he just has too much natural ability and talent to continue this rough stretch. If somebody hasn’t dropped him yet, try and execute a trade. You’re going to get at least 30 steals and some pop. Time is now!

Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs) – 

Rizzo hitting .195 for the season on May 18th is something that I never thought I would be typing. The lineup around him is too good for his struggles to continue like this. Expect the production to start ASAP, so don’t be afraid to send someone a decent package in exchange for Rizzo.

Jay Bruce (New York Mets) – 

Jay Bruce is on pace for full season career lows across the board. Even with all the injuries and struggles in New York, Bruce is one big hit away from going on a tear. Remember what he did in Cleveland last year after being traded? That’s the type of production Bruce could lash out in a hurry.

Luis Castillo (Cincinnati Reds) – 

One of the most electric young pitchers in the game, Castillo has had three quality starts in a row and is showing what made him such a popular pick in most drafts. His strikeout numbers are rising and he’s limiting baserunners. If a team that has him still isn’t too confident in him after his start this week against the Cubs, pounce on it.

Drew Pomeranz (Boston Red Sox) – 

An injury forced Pomeranz to miss nearly a month of action. His first few starts were a bit wild, a lot of walks but missed a lot of bats. He settled down but then in his most recent start against Toronto, he walked six batters and couldn’t make it to the fifth inning. There has never been a question of Pomeranz’s stuff, it’s all about control. His low price tag right now is a reasonable one to take with his strikeout and win potential.

Chase Anderson (Milwaukee Brewers) – 

Anderson had a great start to the 2018 campaign, continuing his success from 2017. However, his past couple of starts were pretty brutal and his DL stint made some owners question further if 2017 was a fluke. His strikeout numbers don’t jump off the page, but he would definitely be worth a chance in trading for. Heck, some leagues he is a free agent due to frustrated owners. Grab him.

Domingo Santana (Milwaukee Brewers) – 

Taking Santana in every money league I am currently in has got to be the most frustrating thing of this young season for myself and countless other fantasy owners.

Last year’s 30 home runs was not a fluke. Santana has tremendous power but yet only has two home runs this season. He may not hit 30 home runs, but 20 to 25 is certainly a realistic possibility once his power stroke returns. He’s hitting over .300 in the month of May, so he is hitting well. Take a shot on him before the power comes back on. I know I am not trading him away or letting him go any time soon.

Matt Carpenter (St.Louis Cardinals) – 

How can a guy who has been such a good hitter with excellent patience and good ability to hit to all fields be hitting under .170? He has been suffering from a very low BABIP (.202 as of earlier this week) and that often will trend upwards in a hurry once the bad luck goes away. It’s alarming to see his strikeouts up, but a hitter like Carpenter is bound to rack up the hits in a hurry. In my main league, he was actually dropped this week and I have put in a $10 end of week auction waiver bid to scoop him up. Hoping it’s enough to get the job done.

Yasiel Puig (Los Angeles Dodgers) – 

The buy low window is just about over here since he is back from the disabled list and has smacked three home runs since returning last week. There may be a few owners who are still worried about Puig’s consistency and that may be enough to pry him away for a reasonable tag.


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