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Fantasy Football Etiquette

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With football season right around the corner, albeit a long drawn out corner, I wanted to share a story with you that happened a few years ago.

I like to join about three leagues every year. The first league is a league that I am in with some people I know, an office league. I call that one the water cooler league. We stand around the water cooler at work and talk football and the guys complain that I “pooched” a player off the waiver wire. They’ll complain that since I lost the week before, or that my team doesn’t have the best record in the league that they didn’t have a fair chance of acquiring a player off the waiver wire. This happened last year when I secured the rights of Jay Ajayi. Hey, I am not losing on purpose, and I certainly didn’t set up the waiver wire rules. The best teams in the league are at the bottom of the waiver wire order.

I also like to join a league that I don’t know anyone in. I randomly pick a league that is open to the public and I join it. It is a good way to meet new people. I haven’t met anyone that I really stay in contact with, but sometimes, during the draft, I will find someone to chat with and get to know them a little.

And I am also now in a dynasty (keeper) league and this one is for all the marbles. You have to pay to play. It’s with a real good friend of mine that I grew up with. I like the way it’s set up too. There is only a waiver wire on dropped players, so if you see someone you want, you can go and get them and we can trade at will without any objections. It has to be a really lopsided trade to get any objections.

But I wanted to share a story that happened a few years ago. I was in this league with a person that I was stationed with that I will refer to as “Ron” and we weren’t the best of friends, but I always thought highly of him and we had been playing for about 3 or 4 years. And one year, there was an empty roster spot and I said I knew someone that wanted to play. So we added “Matt” to the team and everything went smooth. There was some mild trash talking, nothing too serious. There is nothing wrong with some friendly smack talking. We do it all the time between services. The Air Force thinks we are the best armed service as does the Army, Marines and Navy, so a friendly rivalry is welcomed.

Anyway, one of Ron’s brothers dropped a player and picked up another player, which means it was a calculated move. He dropped, at the time, the best kicker, New England’s Stephen Gostkowksi and he later sent out a message saying that he wanted to pick back up Gostkowski that his internet went out and that’s why he dropped him. First of all, I am not sure how your internet connection makes you drop a player and pick up another player, but all the people in the league were veterans of this league, except Matt and maybe one or two others and it looked like that the other players in the league were going to let him scoop him back up.

I remember Matt had the fourth pick on the waiver wire and he put in for him and got him. In his defense I also had a waiver wire request to pick up Gostkowski as well. I believe I was sixth on the waiver wire. Anyway, Matt secured the rights to Gostkowski and no one said anything for a few days. It seemed all was well, until Matt had to rub it in and make a post referencing Batman. Basically, the post said that he was the villain and he embraced the role of the bad guy and that is when all you know what broke out, words were exchanged and it got ugly fast.

The moral of the story is, don’t poke the bear, let sleeping dogs lie. There was no reason to instigate trouble. I don’t think there was anything wrong with trying to pick up the player and bolster your team, but words didn’t have to be exchanged between parties.

At the end of the day, myself and Matt both finished out the season, but we won’t be sending them a friend request anytime soon, so be respectful and mindful and remember to treat everyone with respect and to treat people the way you want to be treated. Looking back, it’s kind of a funny story, but one that we can certainly learn a lesson from.


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