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Fantasy Pros, NFL Draft Wizard 94/100

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Every year about this time I start honing in my draft skills with Fantasy Pros, NFL Draft Wizard and I received a 94 on my latest mock draft. Here are the players I selected:

I chose to draft last in the 10th spot to make it as difficult as possible. In round one I picked up Alvin Kamara, who finished second in running backs last year in our league with 277 points.

In round two with the very next pick, I selected Leonard Fournette. Fournette closed out the season ninth in running backs with 192 points. I like to stock up on running backs.

In round three I chose a wide receiver, selecting Adam Thielen, who finished 14th in wide receivers with 152 points.

In round four with the next pick I couldn’t pass on T.Y. Hilton. Hilton didn’t have a great season with Andrew Luck being out, but he should be back this season.

In the next round, in round five, I took Russell Wilson who was a stud last year, finishing 1st in quarterbacks with 375 points.

The next round I picked rookie running back, Rashaad Penny. I’m excited about Penny’s opportunities in Seattle and I think he will be the starting running back.

In round seven, I went with another wide receiver by choosing Michael Crabtree. Hopefully, Crabtree will excel in Baltimore.

Next in round eight I got Tight End Greg Olsen. Olsen only played in seven games last year; hopefully he will bounce back from his injury this year.

Round nine, I picked up another rookie running back, Sony Michel. Any New England Patriots player is a risk in fantasy football, but I really believe Michel has a lot of upside and should be used accordingly.

In round 10 I got wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Watkins gets a new start in Kansas City and should do well.

Round 11, I chose wide receiver Marquise Lee. I expect big things from Lee this year especially since Jacksonville released Allen Hurns, Jalen Strong, Allen Lazard, and Dorren Miller.

Then in round 12, I took tight end Delanie Walker. Walker finished seventh in TEs with 100 points.

In round 13, I picked up quarter back Matt Ryan. Ryan finished 15th with 242 points.

Finally, in round 14 I picked the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. The Jaguars defense was a beast last year finishing first with 205 points. If I get the chance I am taking them in my real draft. And yes I had them on my fantasy team last year.

And in round 15 I closed out the draft with kicker Harrison Butker. Butker did me good last year too. He was on one of my fantasy teams. He finished seventh with 160 points.

That’s my team that got me a 94. I’ll take it. It’s an A. Stay tuned to see what really happens in my upcoming fantasy football drafts.


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