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For “diehard” fans there’s only one thing that matters. They’ve been screaming it loudly ever since the 13 second mark of the main event at UFC 194 when CONOR MCGREGOR’s left fist landed on JOSE ALDO. “Defend, defend, defend”; and do it against the best ranked fighter. The glitz, glamour, and financial gains of “superfights” is off the radar. Since man started combat sports there’s always been something very special about them. Admittedly, as a fan of them; they not just hold up 1 division; they hold up 2. Which frustrates every other fighter. However make no mistake; with the possible gains from them, every fighter would take them. Each company deals with them differently; but for the essence of this article I mean the UFC.

Even before TJ DILLASHAW regained “his” bantamweight title he’s been jonesing for a fight with flyweight king DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON. Demetrious for his part has remained steadfast. He’s said he wants to fight ranked flyweights, but if the finances were good enough for his liking he’d consider the fight. With the backstory between TJ and CODY GARBRANDT, and with they way their 217 fight went an instant rematch wouldn’t be a bad thing. Former champ DOMINICK CRUZ is recovering from injuries, waiting in the wings. ASSUNCAO, RIVERA, and now MORAES are all knocking on the champs door. But it’s understandable why TJ wants DJ. DJ’s arguably the GOAT; and if you can knock off the goat, it can cement your legacy. But does the UFC really want to go down the “champ vs champ super fight” once again; especially since they are still reeling from the McGregor situation. Although in theory no other fighter would then go fight a boxer. Basically because none could probably bring in anywhere near the same amount of money. (ALTHOUGH MAYBE ONE DAY NGANNOU WILL). Johnson has his own group to deal with in a better than before CEJUDO, BENAVIDEZ, young guns like BIBULATOV, NICOLAU rising.

MAX HOLLOWAY’s last lost came vs CONOR; and the second Max dropped Jose; possible champ vs champ rematch talk started. While that fight is just one of 9 options that McGregor has it’s not likely anytime soon. Besides; with FRANKIE EDGAR, ORTEGA, EMMETT, and CUB around; Max will be busy for awhile.

Now to breakdown the 2 semi (if you can say that) maybes. AMANDA NUNES vs CYBORG, and TYRON WOODLEY’s situation. Cyborg has always said she’d prefer not to fight a fellow Brazilian if possible. But she’s champ of her own division. That’s no fault of hers by the way. The UFC’s shortsightedness has put her in this situation. They’ve had ample time to go out scout and sign the best (even mediocre) 145ers. Amanda’s no fool, she’s taken care of her division and wants a money fight. That’s exactly what Cyborg is. However, if she want’s a tough fellow Brazilian; BETHE is around, as is rising 26 year old KETLEN VIEIRA. Tyron has said he was absolutely unimpressed with RDA’s beating over Robbie Lawler because he would’ve finished an injured Robbie and not taken it to a decision. He also isn’t interested in defending his belt right now vs COLBY COVINGTON. He’s still on the hunt for his money super fight, and feels he deserves it for all he’s done. Woodley complains a lot about not getting a push or “respect”; well if he was to take on the ultimate heel right now in the company; Colby; Tyron would get the “faces” push love and support. Instead Woodley’s talked about Conor and GSP. Both of those would make him a boat load of cash; but both are totally infeasible. Plus he will very shortly have to deal with DARREN TILL as well.

So if you looked up the term “super fight” in the dictionary; if anyone does that anymore; it might say: “verb- oxymoron, double edged sword and standard”.


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