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First Female Referee Debuts at Mae Young Classic

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Last night WWE kicked off their tapings of the Mae Young Classic, a tournament exclusively for Women’s wrestling. The likes of Ronda Rousey, Natalya and many others showed up to support the first ever all women’s competitors tournament.

However the biggest news of the evening was the announcement of WWE bringing in their first full time female referee, who was given a formal introduction at the tapings which will be aired in the coming weeks on the WWE Network.

Her name is Jessika, better known to the independent circuit as Kennadi Brink.

This announcement and action by WWE is revolutionary for the business and helps cement the fact we are in the midst of the Women’s Revolution. This is not a fad. We are experiencing history left and right.

We wish Jessika all the best in her career with WWE and let us hope for more to continue to follow her lead.


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