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Former SEC Commissioner Mike Slive Dies At 77

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This has become a sad week for the SEC, as in this past weekend we lost former Ole Miss head coach Billy Brewer at 82. Although he wasn’t originally from the south or originally related to the Southeastern Conference, his presence made a huge impact as his performance shaped the conference into one of the most powerful during the BCS era. Former SEC Commissioner Mike Slive passed away at the age of 77 after battling prostate cancer in his later years in office.

Slive is known to be the first commissioner of the short lived Great Midwest Conference which later on became Conference USA in 1995. After serving as commissioner there for seven years, he was hired by the SEC to replace Roy Kramer. When he took office in 2002, he began numerous projects as serving on the BCS board for two years and then building the SEC into a national powerhouse. Slive began to give the SEC a whole new look which would last into the College Football Playoff era.

The Southeastern Conference began to enjoy seven consecutive BCS championships, three by Alabama, two by Florida and one each by Auburn and LSU. It was because of the BCS that conference realignment began to take shape and it was then that Slive helped Texas A&M and Missouri join the conference, strengthening their football membership to 14. It was by this time the conference earned their own place in cable television, forming the now successful SEC Network.

Slive took the SEC from a common conference in the NCAA and turned it into one of the most powerful not only through football, but also through boosting revenue. As Greg Sankey took over for Slive in 2015, he continues the work that he began and enhanced his credibility, even through the CFB Playoff era. Slive is survived by his wife Liz of 49 years and his daughter Anna, including son-in-law Judd Harwood and six year old granddaughter Abigail.

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