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Former WWE Superstar Rosey Passes Away at 47

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Another professional wrestler has passed on way too young.

Matt Anoa’i, who was a part of Three Minute Warning and also teamed with The Hurricane as Rosey in the early 2000’s, passed away on Monday due to congestive heart failure, according to Wrestling News Source.

Rosey was a part of the legendary Samoan wrestling family. His father, Sika, was one half of the Wild Samoans and his younger brother is WWE superstar Roman Reigns.

Rosey achieved modest success in WWE, getting his biggest run while with Three Minute Warning. His tag team partner, the late Eddie Fatu (Jamal) and himself made an instant impact managed by Billy and Chuck’s former manager Rico.

They were Eric Bischoff’s hired guns, and received an instantaneous push.

The push was short lived, but their entrance music and their appearance were beyond memorable.

To this day I always smile whenever I say “Did somebody just say, THREE MINUTES?”.

Rest in Peace Rosey, thank you for the memories.


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