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Buy rates overall for MMA events have been on a slow trickle down over the last year. UFC 227 looked acceptable to the inside die hard fan. The outside; or “casual” fan is what organizations need to raise numbers and build brands. Those numbers won’t come out to early in the week. It would be deemed a massive success if it even comes close to 200,000 buys. A far cry from the million plus they hit 6 times a couple of years ago. But the reasons why are another story. For those that chose not to watch; they missed something. They missed 4 stars entering the octagon on one trajectory and leave the cage on another one. Let’s deal with the CO-MAIN EVENT 1st:

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON; will forever be in the G.O.A.T discussion. He entered the evening being the UFC’s 1st flyweight champion, and owner of most title defenses (11).  If he could secure number 12 there were many different paths he could go on. Since his move from 135 its hard to say another fighter was so locked in to his division. However; like ROCKY BALBOA once said; “time gets everyone, it’s undefeated”. It was rematching vs HENRY CEJUDO that could be called “time”. Although it sure didn’t start out like it. Henry rolled his foot twice while DJ darted in, out, and side to side well and softened up his lead leg with low kicks. They even mixed in some exchanges. Cejudo though; seemed much improved from their 1st fight 2 years ago. He picked up the pressure in the second with working well in scrambles. It came down to Henry’s wrestling and DJ’s kicking; with Cejudo taking a slight split decision win. In affect it puts the division on its head with new blood match-ups. Although Henry did offer to move up to 135 to fight the main event winner. In the post fight presser DJ was as gracious as ever; but did reveal he sustained two injuries. So he’ll definitely need some time away to heal; plus his wife is about due with their 3rd child. But there should be a trilogy in store for these 2. Henry in the meantime can fight everyone that was stifled under DJ; like BENAVIDES, and BORG. This also gives Demetrious the opportunity to fight newer blood when he’s ready like ORTIZ, FORMIGA, and  NGUYEN.

In the main; the heated rivalry between TJ DILLASHAW and CODY GARBRANDT waged on. Although since losing the bantamweight title Cody hasn’t chirped AS MUCH; preferring to work and be focused. Since TJ won back the belt from Cody in MSG there’s been talk of where he ranks in the division all time, and everyone’s favorite list; the p4p list. Cody came out guns blazing; placing a mouse near Dillashaw’s right eye; and TJ answered right back as they stung each other. But Dillashaw also zigged in and out frustrating Garbrandt. Add in every time Cody came in range he got popped. He went down twice and the third time was the charm for TJ. Dillashaw connected with a right that backed up the TEAM ALPHA MALE star to the fence. TJ pulled him into the clinch; rocking him with a knee up the middle. From there he just rained down punches till referee HERB DEAN stopped the fight with 50 seconds left in the 1st round. Cody finally got up and wasn’t happy about that. But he was out on his feet.

Now while TJ in the cage accepted Cejudo’s challenge there’s much bigger fish for him to fry in his own division. Most notably former champ who has a narrow split decision win over him; arguably 1 of the best at bantamweight; DOMINICK CRUZ. He could trilogy with ASSUNCAO; and MARLON MORAES  has been red hot; staking his claim for a shot. As far as Cody goes; word has trickled down to me from those with close ties to the situation that Garbrandt may look to move up to 145. Two prime challengers for him there off the bat are RICARDO LAMAS, and DARREN ELKINS.


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