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Well; the PFL made it through their inaugural season, making way for their playoffs to begin. It did so down in Louisiana. To advance in the landmine filled tournament style you had to win 2 fights to advance to the finals on December 31 in MSG. The 1st fight though would only be a 2 round affair; and any draws would go to whoever “won” the first round.

MUHAMMED DEREESE starched MIKE KYLE; opening the night in a heavyweight alternate fight 2:38 into round 1. LANCE PALMER wasn’t challenged much by MAX COGA and picked up an easy unanimous decision. Right after that it was a rematch of a fight from just 3 weeks ago; KEVIN TILLER  vs former UFC fighter JARED ROSHOLT. This time the former Oklahoma State wrestler, Jared; had a better game plan and picked up a unanimous decision win. ANDRE HARRISON and ALEXANDRE BEZERRA let the leather fly with Long Island’s “The Bull”, Andre; improving to 20-0 in his career after a majority decision. Which would set up a rivals re-match vs Lance and Andre going back to the WSOF  days.

Tournaments sometimes lead to odd match-ups. That’s what happened when NOVA UNIAO  team mates, CAIO ALENCAR and PHILIPE LINS squared off. The younger, faster, Lins only needed 58 seconds to lock in a really tight guillotine choke. ALEXANDRE ALMEIDA took a majority decision over JUMABIEKE TUERXUN. Later in the night that set up an Alexandre against STEVEN SILER  fight after Siler disposed of NAZARENO MALEGARIE by majority draw. ALEX NICHOLSON and   JACK MAY have become very heated rivals over the last few months. Once this fight was official both knew it would be a battle. Alex tried a flying knee along the fence to no avail thanks to the big height difference. But the pair did what heavyweights usually like to do; throw bombs. They both got stung a couple of times but Alex adding in a great kicking attack that hobbled Jack. Which was the beginning of the end for May. As Nicholson pounced on him; picking up the TKO win 2:03 into the fight.

The number 8 ranked heavyweight; JOSH COPELAND took out the very huge #1 seed and favorite  FRANCIMAR BARROSO via winning the 1st round in what finished as a draw. The re-match many wanted to see between Palmer and Harrison started slow but eventually picked up. Lance kept taking Andre down and grinded him; attempting a couple of submissions. Lance won easily by unanimous decision; handing Andre his 1st loss in his career. It sets up a finale on New Year’s Eve Day vs Siler who took out Almeida via DQ due to an illegal upkick; which was VERY controversial. The heavyweight fights really weren’t going the way the “prognosticators” saw it going. And that pattern continued. Rosholt’s wrestling was tenacious against Philipe Lins early. Then he decided to try some stand-up against the Brazilian. Bad move. Lins rocked him with a left hook, sending him backwards and hurt. An overhand right shortly followed which put Jared down. And some hammerfists finished him by TKO 45 seconds into round 2. The last order of business was to see who would take on Lins for the heavyweight title and a million dollars. That honor goes to Josh Copeland; as the 8 seed continued his roll. Him and Alex Nicholson let their hands fly. Alex landed a spinning back fist which opened a big cut over “THE CUDDLY BEAR‘s” right eye. Alex came charging forward as Josh back peddled. Copeland threw out a right hand that not only connected; it put Alex out like a light 87 seconds into the fight.

So at MSG on December 31st the featherweight matchup is:

1 vs 2 Steven Siler VS Lance Palmer

And the heavyweight battle is between:

3 VS 8 Philipe Lins VS Josh Copeland

Next up is the lightweight and light heavyweights Saturday December 13th in Long Beach CA.



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