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Georgia Wins The SEC Championship

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In the SEC Championship Game, it is not often that you get a rematch. But since the title game came into existence in 1992, there have now been seven of them. In most cases, the team who won the regular season game would win the second time. Auburn put a beat down to Georgia at home and went on to beat Alabama to get to Atlanta, and even with a few injuries, things were expected to go their way. But it was thanks to those injuries that they weren’t able to pull off the sweep.

Kirby Smart and his team were more prepared and this time had his running game get started after Auburn scored the only touchdown of the game, and after Kerryon Johnson went down with another shoulder injury, it made Jarrett Stidham one dimensional as he was sacked three times. Auburn lost two fumbles and had only 114 rushing yards. Stidham after torching Georgia in the first game only threw for 145 yards and a blocked field goal to tie the game didn’t help much.

It was then in the second half Georgia scored 18 unanswered points and thanks to a 64 yard run by D’Andre Swift, it pretty well put the icing on the cake as the defense did their job in the final 10:34. Georgia captured their first SEC Championship since 2005 and the first SEC East team to win since Florida beat Alabama in 2008. Nick Chubb and Soni Michel may not have gotten into the end zone, but helped pave the way for Jake Fromm throwing for 183 and two touchdowns.

All that remains is where Georgia will end up when the final rankings come out. As far as Gus Malzahn’s future at Auburn, he was asked about it and says he is committed to Auburn. Rumors have swirled on whether he may remain if they win or he may bolt to Arkansas if they lose. Oklahoma beat TCU, Clemson blows out Miami and Ohio State knocks off Wisconsin which could open the door for Alabama to get back into the playoff with Auburn’s loss.

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