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Former UFC fighter, Strikeforce Champion SARAH KAUFMAN became the 2nd woman to also win an INVICTA title when she got 28 year old German upstart KATHARINA LEHNER to tap to a RNC at Invicta 29. The strap she grabbed was the vacant bantamweight title. The first to accomplish that was CYBORG. Off the bat they were throwing hands in a phone booth with Sarah’s doing more damage. In the second round Kaufman was able to drag the fight to the mat where she continued to be the more effective fighter locking in a triangle. Lehner refused to tap to it and was able to get out eventually. However in the third; Sarah’s heavy pace continued getting another takedown. This time Kaufman; worked her in transition from control to mount, then gaining Katharina’s back. While pounding her head, Sarah opened a cut on Katharina with a short elbow then managed to lock in the RNC with the tap coming at 4:30 of round 3. It was Lehner’s 1st career loss (7-1); and comes after posting a risque photo on instagram of her being surrounded by 4 naked men at her whim with her feet up on a table with a signed contract.

From the opening bell; PANNIE KIANZAD was just quicker, stronger, and better than BIANCA DAIMONI. En route to her unanimous decision win she dropped her opponent multiple times, and dominated in the clinch. After a heated faceoff exchange where they had to be separated PEARL GONZALEZ and BARBARA ACIOLY promised to bring the fireworks. But it was Pearl winning her 2nd in a row in Invicta, and only needing 90 seconds to do it. The fight quickly got to the mat where Barbara couldn’t hold a guillotine. Gonzalez was then able to attempt a triangle; unsuccessfully. With some solid striking that opened up a cut on Acioly’s head was able to lock in an armbar that Barbara tapped to. The fight between MARCIEA ALLEN and JULIA AVILA came to an abrupt end just 49 seconds in; after Julia suffered a compound fracture of a finger on her left hand. It came after Marciea landed a perfect front kick that Julia tried to block.

The 1st four fights all went to the judges scorecards and were unanimous decisions. LIZ TRACY over   CHERI MURASKILISA SPANGLER defeated SARAH KLECZKAALLISON SCHMIDT fell to   MACY CHIASSONHELEN PERALTA beat CHEYANNE VLISMAS.


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