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Houston, They Have A Problem

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The Houston Texans were expected to be the Jacksonville Jaguars’ biggest competition in the AFC South.

Three weeks in, the Texans are in competition for the number one overall pick.

Bill O’Brien has a major dilemma on his hands after a 27-22 defeat at the hands of the visiting (and also previously winless) New York Giants. The Giants had come in as a hot mess, but looked like a well oiled machine on Sunday.

JJ Watt finished with three sacks and DeShaun Watson threw for nearly 400 yards, but everything else was just a complete mess for the Texans.

O’Brien had stated previously when they lost to the Titans in week two that they had two opponents, the Titans and themselves. It was the same battle in week three, except the Giants being the second team. Penalties killed momentum on multiple drives on both sides of the ball. The biggest offender was offensive lineman Julièn Davenport. On at least three occasions, his holding penalties put a damper on a Houston Texans drive. Can’t put the full blame on Davenport, however. The entire offensive line repeatedly let the Giants defense stifle Lamar Miller at the line of scrimmage every time. While the Texans D outside of JJ Watt had problems making tackles and made Eli Manning look like Peyton as he carved up their secondary like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Manning threw for 297 yards and 2 scores, easily his best performance of the year.

Starting 0-3 means the Texans are most likely going to miss the playoffs.

That also means Bill O’Brien may be packing his bags at seasons end.

The year isn’t over yet, but time is running out.


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