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How to improve MLB Players’ Weekend

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Major League Baseball recently had their annual “Players’ Weekend” in which Major League Baseball allows players to exercise some creativity and individuality with nicknames on the back of their jerseys, personalized cleats, and a colorful variation on their usual team uniforms. There were some nice moments and creativity shown by players but there is always room for improvement. Major League Baseball is constantly looking for ways to be more fun like other professional sports leagues like the NBA and there are a few things that the MLB should look at adding to next year’s Players’ Weekend to make things even more unique and fun.

1. Rip up the “Unwritten rules” regarding “showing up your opponent”.

One of the weirdest things about baseball is the “unwritten rules” regarding a batter’s actions after hitting a home run. The “unwritten rule” in baseball is that flipping the bat (which is subjective), admiring a home run, or taking too long to round the bases after hitting a home run is out of bounds. Pitchers take umbrage verbally or usually by hurling a dangerous projectile, the ball, several miles an hour at batters who they deem as violated the unwritten rule regarding home runs. It is a lonely and frustrating feeling for pitchers when they give up a home run but it has always been strange that they attempt to get violent retaliation on batters instead of giving a batter some of his own medicine after a strikeout. It would be great for the next MLB Players’ Weekend to send out a public service announcement that will bring some showmanship into baseball by celebrating home runs or strikeouts with fist pumps or signature dances after each of those exciting moments without fear of being hit by a baseball.

2. Bring back the player/manager.

The last player/manager in Major League Baseball was the controversial Pete Rose. Because the game of baseball is more analytical than ever, it is more challenging for today’s baseball players to have the dual roles of player/manager that was once more commonplace. A great idea is for just ONE game during the Players’ Weekend, the regular manager for each team designates one player as the player/manager for one game and the manager takes the day off. It would be very intriguing to see who each team would have as their player/manager representative and how those selected would do making tough decisions for just one Major League Baseball game.

3. Test out the automated strike zone system.

Players’ Weekend would be a good opportunity to take some of the focus off of the umpires. Umpires can be the worst enemy of MLB players due to inconsistencies in the strike zone based on the home plate umpire. If Major League Baseball were to ever consider an electronic strike zone, it would be good to test it out during Players’ Weekend. The technology in baseball has improved as other sports and it would draw more eyeballs to the television screen and the ballpark if there was an electronic twist to balls and strikes.


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