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Time is the only thing that is and always will be undefeated. It takes everyone out. When the sands in your hour glass run out; that’s it. Then the machine that is life continues without you; and only memories remain.

FEDOR EMELIANENKO “THE LAST EMPEROR” has been fighting for 19 plus years. There are very few grains of sand left in his hour glass. And he knows it. Saturday’s heavyweight grand prix finale vs RYAN BADER; may very well be win, lose, or draw his last fight. Only in retrospect can we say it’s a shame we can’t “be” forever. When fans argue GOAT status there’s really no right or wrong answer. However; the day Fedor stepped into a PRIDE ring, his aura, his mystique already had him climbing that list. There’s no denying the fact he’s the most stoic fighter in all combat sports history. He gives an opponent absolutely nothing. Not only that; but if you meet him on the street; he’s the same way. You go into automatic awe. Only to those in his inner most circle is it said he has quite the funny personality.

When he left Rings Russia he was 10-1. His 14-0-1 run in Pride turned him into a “mythical being”. He tore through a list of killers. Now in looking back you must call things as they were. In those glory days of PRIDE it was looked as the wild west. Between rumors of ‘roids and fixed fights its hard to think of what was and wasn’t on the level. When coming State side for whatever reason moving from ring to cage seemed to give him problems. Or it could have been the start of age issues, or just time, or the deck not being stacked in his favor. We’ll never know why, one can only speculate if being completely honest. Back to Asia; the hot streak returned. That’s when his old friend and now head man at BELLATOR; SCOTT COKER came calling. Fedor’s arrival in Bellator caused a tsunami type splash. To have him make his company debut in the company’s first appearance in New York (especially with a huge Russian population) ramped up expectations. The loss to Matt Mitrione could have gone either way. After the pair dropped each other Matt scrambling up a split second sooner was the difference. Fedor was built for the grand prix format and he’s taken off in it. But standing across from him now is someone who also searches for history. While Emelianenko looks to pick up a belt to add to his career collection; Ryan Bader looks to become the company’s 1st ever champ-champ.

If Fedor loses he can walk away clean because it’ll be tough to see the 42 year old climb up the mountain once again. Should he win and walk off like every great hero; a champion; it’ll be tough on Bellator as they will be back at square one; without a heavyweight champion. Either way; the one thing that should be done by everyone is cherish the remaining moments that are left in the career of THE LAST EMPEROR.


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