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The anti-doping agency, USADA; is the strictest hard lined rule enforcer there is. When it comes to what an Olympic athlete can’t put into their body, Tylenol is on the list. Have a migraine? Take a nap. On the surface its a great thing to have them in charge. They’re a third party with no vested interest in sport, they just look at things black and white. That’s why the Fertitta brothers and Dana White reached out to them to take control of the UFC’s drug policy. If a big event gets blown up; so what; we’re clean. USADA has ko’d very important fights harder than an Ngannou punch, they’ve made fights tap like a bjj black belt, okay you get the idea.

In the UFC there’s a little grey room. Fighters that prove beyond a doubt they took something on the extensively long list of banned substances accidentally or prescribed by a doctor; suspensions can and have been shortened. Only UFC fighters can be urine and or blood tested anytime, any day, anywhere. They must report to USADA where they will be every second every day for 3 months at a time. If a rep comes to your house 3 am on a Wednesday and you’re supposed to be in bed and you’re not; its a missed and failed test. If you’re food shopping and a rep walks up to you in the frozen food aisle in Foodtown; they have to be ready to give blood and pee.

UFC strawweight JESSICA PENNE is now the latest to fall. The 34 year old who’s 12-5 with 7 submissions is 2-4 in her last 6 and has lost 3 in a row. She was immediately taken down from the rankings listing. USADA reported to the UFC she “popped” for an unspecified anabolic steroid of exogenous origin in an out-of-competition test. Penne has accepted an 18 month suspension which means she can’t return till October 22, 2018. The ban could have been 2 years but she was able to prove she was taking DHEA under the watch of her doctors. She could have walked away with nothing but; she was not able to get a retroactive therapeutic use exemption in time. The JON JONES situation is looking more and more like his prospective suspension may be very much reduced from the 4 years he’s looking at for another failed test and gross negligence once again.

So is the “sheriff” being too tough? Well; while by physical appearance some fighters have changed without the ability to “juice”. That in the long run can save fighters lives. The UFC has plenty of issues and drama; but having 100% clean fighters also is good in the public’s eyes. The clean fighters appreciate what the company does. But if they loosened the strings a little more it couldn’t hurt. Not getting a TUE in time could be punished by a small fine given to say cancer research and a 60 day no contact suspension. After all; they are under a doctors eyes. USADA’s hearts are in a good place; it’s just sometimes their minds aren’t in step.



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