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Jamal Adams taking wrong approach as young NFL player

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The 2017 NFL Draft featured a ton of intriguing young talent entering the league at various positions. While rookie running backs like Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt received much praise after productive first seasons, there were defensive rookies like linebacker T.J. Watt and cornerback Tre’Davious White who were impressive as well in their first NFL seasons. New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has established himself as a potential building block for the Jets after a strong rookie season at an important position. However, Adams has also put even more pressure himself after he made some comments regarding his Jets teammates.

Jamal Adams was taken with the sixth overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. It is rare that a safety is taken that high in any NFL Draft but the traits and talent of Adams made that selection not so surprising. He was a standout and All-American from LSU and NFL analysts were high on the Jets selecting him. His rookie year included 63 tackles and a couple of sacks but he also showed football intelligence. Adams also displayed leadership qualities during his college career at LSU and seems to want to be a leader early in his NFL career. His recent comments to the Bleacher Report regarding the culture of the Jets prior to the 2017 NFL season were surprising as Adams said, “Everybody was used to losing. You can always tell that vibe. I came in, and it was like everybody wanted to do the bare minimum. They didn’t want to go above and beyond. They didn’t want to take that extra step. They didn’t want to be uncomfortable, [but] to be great, you have to be uncomfortable. You have to be willing to sacrifice and willing to do the little things. And the team, the organization, just wasn’t doing those things. It could’ve been two or three people on the team that were doing it and then the rest weren’t or vice versa.”

It is surprising to hear a second year player criticize his teammates publicly. Jamal Adams doesn’t have the tenure of Jets veteran players like offensive lineman Brian Winters or running back Bilal Powell so his criticism is strange from a player just starting to make a name for himself. Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers publicly criticized some of the young Packers receivers and it is not viewed as surprising. Both the criticism by Rodgers and Adams were focused on the lack of effort from teammates which can be a sensitive thing. One of the worst things that athletes can be criticized for is a lack of effort and that is even worse when it happens publicly. But while Rodgers’ outstanding play during most of his NFL career can shield him from criticism from teammates, Adams has to be careful about criticism of his teammates from a player who isn’t yet a Pro Bowl or All-Pro player at his position.


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