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James Paxton Throws MLB’s Third No-Hitter of 2018

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We are only six or so weeks into the Major League Baseball season and there have already been THREE no-hitters thrown.


James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners blanked the Toronto Blue Jays on their home field in the run and hit column, only allowing three walks in the 5-0 victory on Tuesday night. He joins Sean Manaea of Oakland and a Walker Buehler led Dodgers combined no-hitter as the first three no-hitters of the year.

We sometimes have to wait a whole season to see ONE no-hitter.

The ironic part here is that all three no-hitters have happened in three different countries. Paxton’s came in Canada, while Manaea’s came on U.S. soil and the Buehler led no-hitter happened in Mexico while Los Angeles was playing San Diego.

As impressive as these no-hitters have been, with strikeouts through the roof, could there be a change in the length of the mound to the plate or the height of the mound?

If these no-hitters keep up, the rumblings for change may get loud, fast.


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