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Jay Cutler to Retire, Join Fox as Analyst

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I guess Jay Cutler would rather retire than play for the New York Jets.

Early Friday morning, Cutler decided to call it quits from the NFL and promptly join Fox Sports in the booth to call games during the season. Right now it is being reported that Cutler will join Charles Davis and Kevin Burkhardt in the booth, but that is not set in stone.

Cutler and the Jets had been in discussions for months. It seemed as if it would be a very realistic situation for Cutler to bounce back after numerous terrible seasons in Chicago. However, it appears Cutler wanted to go the route of Tony Romo and take advantage while the iron is hot.

Fox, ESPN, NBC, CBS and every other station is going through a total shakeup, looking to make their mark in the sports industry. ESPN continues to drop in the ratings as Fox Sports rises with former ESPN talent. Whether it’s Skip Bayless or Colin Cowherd, they’re thriving with ESPN’s former employees. Now, Fox is following suit with CBS who just brought on Romo as their new number one guy alongside Jim Nantz.

Could Cutler thrive on the Fox team?

Well, as long as he doesn’t make as many flubs on air as he threw costly interceptions, he should be fine. Having Burkhardt and Davis alongside him should create a smooth transition. He could end up having success like Troy Aikman after a short amount of time.

We shall see.


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