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Jerry’s Kids Fantasy Football Team Making Moves

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It’s not even football season and my fantasy football team, Jerry’s Kids, is already making moves.

The first move in my stranger league, after the automated draft was dropping DeVante Parker and adding Tyrell Williams, don’t get me wrong I like Parker but I like Williams more and I like Philip Rivers throwing him the ball this year. I think Williams is a break-out player this year.

My next move was dropping Eric Ebron for Hunter Henry. This is a risky move because Antonio Gates is STILL playing, but I think Gates is going to hand over the reins to Henry. Henry was banged up last year and he still finished with 36 catches for 478 yards and eight touchdowns. I think a healthy Henry is better than Ebron. And, yes, I did see Gates score a TD in preseason, but Henry is also from Arkansas so I have to take a chance with him.

I also dropped Paul Perkins and added Theo Riddick. Riddick has a banged up right wrist, but did you see Paul Perkins in preseason? He doesn’t look very good. I’ll take Riddick over Perkins and I do like to take risks.

My last move was adding the Pittsburgh Steelers defense and dropping the Carolina Panthers defense. It’s a bit of a risk, but did you see J.J. Watt’s younger brother T.J. Watt against the Giants registering two sacks? And Arthur Moats’ 3 sacks and Mike Hilton’s equal six sacks. I’ll take that.

Stay tuned to see what other moves, Jerry’s Kids makes.


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