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Jerry’s Kids’ Fantasy Football Week 16 Results

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I did it! I won third place in the Water Cooler NFL Fantasy work league. I know, I shouldn’t boast too much, it’s just third place. The truth is I am in mourning, not only did I not win the work league, but my Dallas Cowboys couldn’t capitalize on the Detroit Lions losing and Atlanta losing. The Cowboys imploded and couldn’t take care of business and beat the Seahawks at home. Hopefully, next year the Cowboys can at least make the playoffs and I can win the league again like I did in 2016. I am still hoping that Clemson can take care of Alabama on January 1st. That would probably make me feel a little better and I have already started strategizing for next year’s fantasy football season where, this water cooler league will turn into a water cooler keeper league. I’m already trying to get the commissioner to put k’s by Carsen Wentz, Todd Gurley, and Travis Kelce’s names. I’ll have the eighth pick in the draft. I’m excited to get next year started. Here is how I won third place:

Jerry’s Kids’ Starters:
Blake Bortles projected 16.78 points, actual 20.38 points
Adam Thielen projected 16.05 points, actual 4.40 points
Josh Gordon projected 12.36 points, actual 3.90 points
Sterling Shepard projected 13.03 points, actual 9.50 points
Alvin Kamara projected 21.67 points, actual 23.20 points
Todd Gurley projected 21.13 points, actual 51.60 points
Travis Kelce projected 17.57 points, actual 14.70 points
Harrison Butker projected 11.00 points, actual 18.00 points
Jacksonville defense projected 8.68 points, actual 3.00 points
For a total of 148.68 projected points

Jerry’s Kids’ Bench:
Marquise Goodwin projected 10.66 points, actual 6.70 points
Alex Smith projected 17.55 points, actual 19.46 points
Devin Funchess projected 13.46 points, actual 4.10 points
Christian McCaffrey projected 18.33 points, actual 7.80 points
Latavius Murray projected 12.69 points, actual 8.50 points
Kenyan Drake projected 15.86 points, actual 5.70 points
Carson Wentz in IR slot

Seattle’s Best’s Starters:
Matt Ryan projected 18.77 points, actual 11.22 points
Kennan Allen projected 17.65 points, actual 11.30 points
Doug Baldwin projected 13.65 points, actual 13.50
Marvin Jones Jr. projected 11.77 points, actual 8.00 points
LeSean McCoy Projected 16.11 points, actual 19.70 points
Alex Collins projected 13.12 points, actual 9.60 points
Zach Ertz projected 14.67 points, actual 17.10 points
Wil Lutz projected 10.65 points, actual 13.00 points
Carolina defense projected 9.11 points, actual 19.00 points
For a total of 122.42 projected points

Seattle’s Best’s Bench:
Alshon Jeffery projected 13.73 points, actual zero points
Julius Thomas projected zero points, actual zero points
Ameer Abdullah projected 2.65 points, actual 16.00 points
Davante Adams projected zero points, actual zero points
LeGarrette Blount projected 4.47 points, actual 2.50 points
Eli Manning projected 13.50 points, actual 3.02 points

Analysis: Some of my team didn’t show up, like Adam Thielen. He got me a whopping 4.40 points. Josh Gordon didn’t contribute much towards my third place showing, with his 3.9 and Jacksonville was a no-show with their 3 points, but Todd Gurley was more than worth the price of admission, posting a ridiculous 51.6 points and Blake Bortles was solid as well. I even saw a tweet from Todd Gurley saying “fantasy owners you’re welcome, now leave us alone. Merry Christmas.” And of course I tweeted him back and said thank you and Merry Christmas. Thanks Todd Gurley, if you don’t win MVP then it was rigged.


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