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Jerry’s World From Kentucky

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Welcome to Jerry’s World. I’m in Kentucky at an Army Fort for training, death by PowerPoint. It’s a good class all in all, you have some speakers that are good speakers, that can hold your attention and you have some that you want to poke your eyeballs out when they are speaking with their monotone voices.

I just noticed at the top of my screen dictate, that would be cool to speak into the microphone, maybe another time.

Today is a big day in football, the Indianapolis Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs in K.C. in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. I saw pictures on Twitter, Kansas City got quite a bit of snow, that should be interesting. I woke up today in Kentucky to a few inches of snow as well, nothing like Kansas City though. I got the Colts wining this game. Patrick Mahomes has been remarkable this year, but I have to give the advantage to the veteran Andrew Luck, and the Chiefs defense isn’t very good at all.

Then later today at 8:15 ET my Dallas Cowboys play the L.A. Rams. I’m a little worried about this game. The Cowboys have been playing great lately, but they haven’t been getting Amari Cooper involved in the games as of late, or he has been shut down by opposing defenses and a key to this game for Dallas is getting Cooper involved early and often. Since Cooper’s 10 catch-217-yard-3 TD explosion against the Eagles in week 14, Cooper has been limited to four catches and 32 yards against the Colts, four catches and 20 yards against the Bucs, five catches and 31 yards against the Giants, before Cooper finally caught seven receptions for 106 yards last week in the Wild Card game against the Seahawks. He has to win his matchups for the Cowboys to be successful and he needs to score touchdowns. It seems like the Cowboys score when they need to or have to, they don’t just score at will and that worries me.

Another key to this match up is the Dallas defense has to limit Todd Gurley, you may not be able to completely stop Gurley, but for the Cowboys to be successful they have to keep the Rams running game in check, and that means Gurley and C.J. Anderson too. And if that is not enough Jared Goff can sling the ball too, it’s not just about controlling the run game they Cowboys secondary will have to play a great game too. And I sure don’t want to see Kris Richard go to another team, for now it looks like the Cowboys are safe, the Dolphins are closing in on hiring Patriots defensive play-caller Brian Flores according to Ian Rapoport. But it’s just a matter of time until he gets a head coaching job.

While the Cowboys need to limit Gurley, they also have to get Ezekiel Elliott going, they need to feed Zeke the ball, early and often for the Cowboys offense to score points, especially if this game turns into a shootout, which I hope it doesn’t.  The Cowboys defense needs to show up today.

Another key to this game is slowing down Aaron Donald. I know, it’s going to be very difficult to do, but they need to account for Donald and keep him from disrupting Dak Prescott. Dallas’ offensive line is good, but they are not the offensive line we are used to, especially with all-pro RG Zack Martin having knee setbacks, losing center Travis Frederick to Guillain Barre Syndrome and trouble with rookie Connor Williams and Xavier Su’a-Filo trying to hold it down at left guard. I think for those reasons they Rams may be too much for the Cowboys to overcome. But I certainly will be watching, and I hope that I am proven wrong with a Dallas Cowboys win and advancement to the NFC Championship game against the New Orleans Saints next week. I don’t think the Eagles will beat the Saints this week.

Now you’re in MY world, a little snow on the ground, a few beers in the fridge and two playoff games to watch, go Cowboys prove me wrong.


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