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Jerry’s World Simulated: NFL Super Bowl LII Basking

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I hate to say it (no I don’t), but I told you so! I told you the New England Patriots would win…wait a second, that’s not what I predicted (what’s funny is I could just delete that and start over, but what fun would that be). Actually, I predicted in “Jerry’s World Simulated: Super Bowl LII” that the Philadelphia Eagles would beat the New England Patriots. I said that the Patriots wouldn’t win back to back Super Bowls and that Tom Brady wouldn’t win his sixth Super Bowl because he doesn’t have enough fingers on one hand to wear all his Super Bowl rings (if he would have won, but he didn’t.)

I have to bask in the glory for a second. Awwww! This is nice! I know I shouldn’t act like I am the Sh@t, but who picks the Patriots to lose in the Super Bowl….Me!


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