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Jerry’s World Simulated; NFL Week 10 Preview

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It was a very tough week for my PlayStation last week. It only predicted five games right and got eight wrong, but tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and we are going to right this ship.  Here is what is going to happen in week 10:


PS4 Predictions:

Seattle 42 – 28 Arizona

New Orleans 24 – 30 Buffalo

Green Bay 27 – 24 Chicago

Cleveland 13 – 20 Detroit

Pittsburgh 27 – 31 Indianapolis

L.A. Chargers 35 – 7 Jacksonville

New York Jets 10 – 42 Tampa Bay

Cincinnati 16 – 16 Tennessee

Minnesota 37 – 7 Washington

Houston 23 – 31 L.A. Rams

Dallas 31 – 24 Atlanta

New York Giants 42 – 14 San Francisco

New England 45 – 24 Denver

Miami 38 – 20 Carolina


Analysis: I sure hope this PS4 gets its act together. It has Green Bay getting their first win without Aaron Rodgers against Chicago, Cleveland stays winless, and Indianapolis beats Pittsburgh. I don’t know about that?!? It predicts that Tampa Bay scores 42 points. It also has Cincinnati tying with Tennessee. Dallas gets another win against Atlanta. I hope it’s right. The New York Giants put up 42 against San Francisco. Did Ben McAdoo fire up Eli Manning and get him motivated?? Let’s see. I still don’t see how they score that many points with all their injuries though. New England beats Denver 45 – 24 and Carolina only scores 20 against Miami. I am excited to see what is going to happen, enjoy Veteran’s Day and stay safe.


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