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Jerry’s World Simulated; NFL Week 6 Preview

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If you don’t know the story; I won a PlayStation at a Holiday Ball, going on two years ago and I have been simulating the NFL games on it and posting a story about it. In week one the PlayStation went 11-4, and 10-6, 11-4, 9-7 and 6-8 in weeks two, three, four and five respectively for a total of 47-29 or 61% for the season that is not too bad. I think that is better than some so-called experts. Here is what the PS4 predicts will happen this week:

PS4 results:
Philadelphia 35 – 30 Carolina
Miami 27 – 36 Atlanta
Chicago 33 – 27 Baltimore
Cleveland 16- 23 Houston
Green Bay 26 – 37 Minnesota
Detroit 16 – 33 New Orleans
New England 40 – 12 New York Jets
San Francisco 7 – 25 Washington
Tampa Bay 49 – 30 Arizona
L.A. Rams 22 – 18 Jacksonville
L.A. Chargers 26 – 10 Oakland
New York Giants 32 – 27 Denver
Indianapolis 7 – 51 Tennessee

First up, I think Thursday Night Football is going to be a great one with Philly taking on Carolina, both teams are playing great right now and I like where the PlayStation is going with this one. The problem I have is with Green Bay vs. Minnesota. Are the Vikings really going to beat the Packers, after Aaron Rodgers carried the whole Green Bay team on his back and beat Dallas, yet again? The Dallas Cowboys have a new owner and his name is Aaron Rodgers and I don’t see them losing to Minnesota this week either. Next up, I don’t see how Tampa Bay can put up 49 points against anyone, even Arizona. What is going on with the Winston – Evans connection? I’ve got them both in a fantasy league. I thought Evans would be doing more this year. Mike Evans are you out there? Where are you? I need you Evans. I need ya to step up! The Giants are going to put up 32 points without any receivers against Denver, unless, Eli Manning is going to throw the ball to himself. I used to do that when I was a kid. I would throw the ball up and have four downs to make it a certain distance. Hey, I was an only child. And Tennessee drops 51 on Indy? Come on PlayStation get it together!

It may be a tough week for me!  My Arkansas Razorbacks play the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide and my Dallas Cowboys are all up in arms about Jerry Jones’ stance on the National Anthem, don’t get me wrong I am all for standing during the National Anthem, but the way Jerry Jones went about making his stance known may have not been the right way, however, it looks like the team may kneel before the Anthem and then stand during the Anthem like they did in week three.  I just hope this  doesn’t turn into a distraction  The Cowboys don’t need any more distractions with the whole Ezekiel Elliott possibly about to be suspended and the offensive line not gelling, but check in next week to see how my teams do and how the PS4 predictions go.  Maybe it knows something I don’t know?!?


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