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Jerry’s World Simulated; NFL Week 7 Preview

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My PlayStation did real good last week, predicting 12 games right and only getting two wrong for a total of 59 games right and 31 games wrong or 65.5%. That’s better than a lot of experts’ predictions! My PlayStation has a better percentage than Patrick Schmidt, the leading expert being tracked by NFLPICKWATCH.  How cool is that!!! They should add my PS4 to the mix. They claim to be tracking all the experts picks. There is a new sheriff in town.

2017 Expert NFL Picks and Predictions

PS4 results:
Kansas City 21 – 42 Oakland
Tampa Bay 37 – 31 Buffalo
Carolina 23 – 6 Chicago
Tennessee 21 – 16 Cleveland
New Orleans 33 – 40 Green Bay
Jacksonville 26 – 25 Indianapolis
Arizona 9 – 27 L.A. Rams
New York Jets 13 – 33 Miami
Baltimore 12 – 30 Minnesota
Cincinnati 7 – 32 Pittsburgh
Dallas 50 – 6 San Francisco
Denver 27 – 32 L.A. Chargers
Seattle 12 – 17 New York Giants
Atlanta 26 – 28 New England
Washington 24 – 36 Philadelphia

Analysis: Kansas City has dropped off somewhat and Oakland hasn’t yet reached their preseason potential, so I am not too sure the PS4 has this one right. Tampa Bay has really been a disappointment this year. I have Jameis Winston and Mike Evans in one fantasy football league. Carolina should beat Chicago; Green Bay isn’t really going to get the W against New Orleans without Aaron Rodgers are they? Arizona found a run game with Adrian Peterson and should score more than nine points. Are the Cowboys really going to score 50 points against San Francisco? Well, Ezekiel Elliott is playing this weekend. Are the Giants going to keep their win streak alive against Seattle? I have Atlanta beating New England, but it should be close, but let’s see how the PlayStation does this week.


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  1. Daniel Lucero

    October 25, 2017 at 7:05 am

    What fo u predict for week 8

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