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Jerry’s World Simulated: Super Bowl LII

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I have been laying low lately, taking it easy, laying in the sun with my toes in the sand, sippin’ on fruity cocktails, watching the sun set on the beach. I wish! I am not sure about the fruity cocktail part, Instead, I am still here in Germany drinking German beer, which isn’t a bad thing. But, I have been taking a break from simulating these games. My team is not in it, so what’s the point? But, I figured I’d give you guys one more “Jerry’s World Simulated” article for the Super Bowl. I pushed the simulate button and this is what popped out.

Of course, it had the wrong teams in the Super Bowl. The not so magic PlayStation has Green Bay representing the NFC and Miami representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. It can’t predict all the playoff games right, can it? Moreover, the PS4 has Green Bay beating Miami in the Super Bowl, so I am taking that to mean that the real team representing the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the real team representing the AFC, the New England Patriots and the score will be Philadelphia 33 – 27 New England. There you have it folks, New England will lose in the Super Bowl, they won’t go back to back and Tom Brady won’t win his sixth ring, that’s a good thing because he wouldn’t even have enough fingers on one hand to wear all his rings.


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