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Jets Make Defensive Splash in Free Agency

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The New York Jets have plenty of holes in their offense but have decided to aggressively change their defense as free agency has kicked off.

CJ Mosley and Anthony Barr have signed with the Jets, giving their defense that had a solid season in 2018 much higher expectations to succeed and make up for the lack of offensive production.

The Jets aren’t the only team to be taking this approach, as teams such as the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns are making defensive upgrades in their own right while neglecting their struggling offenses for the most part.

With the Jets investing so much into the defense, will they still want to pull the trigger on Le’Veon Bell if given the opportunity? Will they just focus on the draft in regards to finding offensive weapons? Will either Barr or Mosley be as impactful as they were with their former clubs?

I’m sure Sam Darnold is wondering these things as well. Throwing absurd money at a mediocre receiver isn’t going to be much help for Darnold.

Jamison Crowder isn’t the playmaker the Jets need.

A lot of questions will need to be answered. Jets fans are hoping the answers provided don’t lead to another miserable season.


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