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Jim Cornette to Return to WWE, Induct Rock & Roll Express into HOF

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After nearly two decades since his last appearance with WWE, Jim Cornette is making his return to the company to induct his former “enemies” the Rock and Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame.

For more than 30 years, Cornette tried to end the Rock and Roll Express, bringing on tag teams from all over and from different promotions to take down this electric duo. Teams such as The Heavenly Bodies failed in trying to assist Cornette with his dastardly deeds.

The Rock and Roll Express was loved by so many over the years, while Cornette was booed and attacked by so many during that same time period because of his disdain towards the tandem.

Surely, there is no one better than Cornette to induct one of the best tag teams of all-time into the Hall of Fame.

Best of all, we get to hear Cornette take up a good hour talking, telling us road stories and other wonderful memories.

It will be a true joy to watch and listen.


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