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Boneheadpicks is happy to announce the search for talented Blogger’s.  

Job Description:

The pursuit to increase the content of while being a part of the marketing and strategic pursuit of users and followers to all social media formats and platforms.

  • Formulate, produce and edit daily blog topics for the site.
  • Conduct research for topics and blog articles in future post.
  • Comment on other sports blogs and articles to increase traffic.
  • Research daily trends in sports and hot topics to blog on as well as comment via social media.
  • 1-3 articles a week consisting of 300 – 500 words.


  • Passion for sports topics and events. Well versed in multiple sports.
  • Openly passionate about sports opinions as well as conversational in nature.
  • Experienced and effective writer.
  • Creative, witty and edgy in mind and spirit regarding sports topics.


  • Published articles on
  • Be a part of starting and launching the most fresh new sports blog site in America.
  • Build a portfolio of your work for future job opportunities.

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