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Things that can go wrong always will. UFC 215 just suffered a significant blow to its card. The 3rd bout was to be rising sensation FRANCIS NGANNOU; the 5th ranked heavyweight, vs the 4th, JUNIOR DOS SANTOS. It was to be a ROCKY-TOMMY GUN style match in old lion vs young lion. Now it will not happen; at least not in Edmonton. Junior was pulled after he was told there may be a potential USADA violation from an out of competition test. The former champion has the ability to appeal, but as they say; the damage is done.

As of right now UFC match makers are scrambling to find a replacement. JDS’s camp has said “we’re trying to understand the results so we can determine what happened. We know Junior has NEVER taken PED’s or any banned substances”. His team believes it was just a tainted diuretic. JDS ; who’s been a strong opponent against PEDs  has been tested 17 times this year. As far as a replacement goes however; things are tight. All the ranked fighters are booked, and unless the UFC wants to scrap another bout their choices are extremely limited at this point. There was one option until very late in the evening though. The now 13th ranked heavyweight, another  JUNIOR……  JUNIOR ALBINI; who just “shocked the world” beating TIMOTHY JOHNSON at UFC ON FOX 25 from Long Island was available to fight; but just got booked vs ANDRE ARLOVSI. “BABY” is now on a 10 fight win streak. It’s doubtful that Francis would be interested in fighting Tim who’s available. So who knows what magic the match makers pull out of their hats on this one; if any.


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