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Whether the guys you “pulled for” won or not; UFC 229 was high-jacked and TKO’d by the antics of arguably now 1/2 of the biggest rivalry in the sport. It’s said “two wrongs don’t make a right” and “don’t worry about what your neighbor does”. So when KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV, his team, his supporters say “Conor did this, Conor did that”; it shows lack of understanding. Now has CONOR MCGREGOR become the best trash talker ever? Yes. Has he crossed the line at times? Well, only if you believe there are actually lines. Let’s just look at some of those “things” Mr McGregor got away with. After beating DENNIS SIVER; hopped out the cage and went after JOSE ALDO sitting cageside. He hopped into a Bellator cage and got physical with referee MARC GODDARD. Won’t even rehash the  “dolly” incident.

All fight week things were going smoothly. There was just little outbursts of chirping, nothing too bad, and everyone made weight…. on the 1st attempts. To put it the way DANA WHITE said it in the post fight presser; things were eerily going well. That positivity came crashing down seconds after Conor tapped to a RNC 3:03 of the 4th round. In the 1st Khabib did what Khabib does; takes you down and grinds you. It was 10-9 Nurmagomedov.  Although Conor’s takedown defense had seemed to improve since the last time we saw him in the cage. You can argue the 2nd was even a 10-8 for Khabib. The mauling scale tipped heavy in Nurmagomedov’s side, and he moved well; cracking Conor with clean shots. The third Conor came back and MAY have given Khabib the 1st lost ROUND of his career. The 4th swung right back into Khabib’s favor. Once he got McGregor’s back; the exhausted Irishman could do very little to shake him. As he cinched in the neck crank/RNC it was going to be a matter of seconds. When Conor has tapped in his career, he hasn’t been the “go out on your shield/die trying to get out” type of fighter. It’s more the okay; I’m in this and can’t get out, I’m tapping immediately. Then what should have been a beautiful ending was thrown away.

Nurmagomedov gets up and chirps at Conor. Fine that was expected after everything tossed at Khabib in the build up. But turning around and getting into it with DILLON DANIS was the beginning of the end for sanity. Khabib threw his mouth piece at him. Big no-no. With both still going at it verbally Khabib, to quote Dana White; “jumped out of the cage like a monkey”. With the extra security, all the Metro Police there, they did there best to try and stop the insane melee from getting worse. REED HARRIS and a security detail rushed Danis out. While the outside trouble was the officials concern; members of Khabib’s posse jumped into the cage WWE STYLE and attacked Conor. Really BIG no-no. Once that finally settles LUKE ROCKHOLD and DANIEL CORMIER help get Nurmagomedov back into the cage and try to settle him down. Dana; who’s beside himself tries to calm him down as well, also checks on Conor. Who no matter what you think of him didn’t deserve being jumped. He got his karma pie in being mauled, and submitted once again. Dana; thinking for safety reasons wouldn’t put the belt around Khabib’s waist. Conor then had the option since he was assaulted to press charges. One could ascertain that since he’s gone through the hell that is the legal process (at least when its for someone in the “public eye” and not joe shmo on the street) decided he wasn’t going to press charges. So Metro PD had to release the 3 from custody.

With the UFC’s new home starting on January 1 being ABC/ESPN; image is everything. This whole thing can not be sitting well with them. It’s also a safe bet that Dana will be if not today; then tomorrow will be sitting down and trying to explain the situation to executives. To the press Dana was as frustrated as he was from the dolly incident. Which means if there is ever going to be a rematch; they now have and will use this video as part of the build up. It’s a double edged sword for the company. While a horrific incident it also incites the basic human element in all of us; angry emotion. Yes; this chapter of the story is solely Khabib’s fault. While not officially striped of the strap; he will be facing serious punishment by the NSAC. Especially with politicians sitting cage side having to be rushed out for “their own safety”. The other side says this is now part of the story and should be told. And the next round would be built up that much more. What makes matters even worse is Khabib’s falling into the trap every guilty person does. “But he did this, he did that”. Yes that is very true; but authority figures don’t ever want to hear that. Even though the far majority think it’s a light payback to McGregor. The NSAC with held both fighters purses. After immediately watching video footage from every angle Conor was cleared to get his. Khabib will eventually get his too; but with a large piece of it taken away. He will also most likely face a suspension. The commission has suspended boxers for similar antics, if not less. Khabib was told to make an apology remark and take no questions. It was plain to see he was truly sorry for the way things got out of hand, but you could also see his defiance. With everything going down in the lead up tempers were sure to boil over. Both teams were warned twice during the card what to do and not to do also. This is by NO MEANS excusing Khabib’s actions; but he does come from a part of the world where if you talk smack; there is physical punishment as retribution.

All this kinda makes you long for the boring days of fighters just fighting; doesn’t it? Guess DC-JONES now get moved aside as the biggest headache for Dana. No doubts on this one: every party involved  is to blame for this.



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