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Kneeling For The National Anthem?

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I would ask if you want to bring awareness to social injustice and inequality, please don’t do so while the National Anthem is playing, or when the military is presenting the colors and while someone is singing the National Anthem. The public addresser does not say please kneel for the National Anthem. They don’t say please sit in your seat and disregard the National Anthem. The public addresser says, please rise for the National Anthem. If you are in civilian clothes it’s customary to place your right hand over your heart or if you have a hat on then your hat would be placed over your heart. In the Military they teach us to stand at attention and salute when the first note of the National Anthem starts and to end the salute on the last note.

The National Anthem, the color guard that are presenting the colors, and the flag are all sacred to many Americans, whether we served in the military or not. It means something to us as Americans. You certainly do have the right to protest, you have the right to bring awareness to social injustice, to police brutality, for whatever you believe in and what you feel strongly about. Myself and many Americans would ask that you just don’t do it during the National Anthem. To make a conscience decision to kneel when the music starts is a slap in the face for many of us. It’s like you are spitting in our faces. As an alternative, you could kneel before or after the Anthem or make public announcements bringing awareness to inequality and injustice and they could be played before or after the Anthem raising awareness. They could be played at halftime, or after the game, They could even be played during the game, but give America two minutes to respectfully listen to the National Anthem, because it means something to many of us and kneeling is, in my opinion, disrespecting the many that have given their lives so we can protest and have freedom of speech, give us the two minutes to come together and focus on the military presenting the colors and the rest of the Americans that are standing with their hands over their hearts and remaining silent until the last note has been played or sung.

Now, I am going to Belgium. I’ll have a Belgium beer for you.


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