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Kyle Schwarber to Return to Majors

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After a miserable start to the 2017 campaign, Kyle Schwarber had been demoted to the minor leagues.

A .171 batting average and a near 33% strikeout rate had Cubs brass sounding the alarms, forcing their hand to send one of their stars of the present and future back to the minors to regroup.

Now, the team has decided to bring Schwarber back up after two weeks in Triple A Iowa.

Schwarber had been doing okay once he put the bat on the ball. He mashed 12 home runs in just over 200 at bats on the season and hit the ball hard when making contact.

That’s the key:

WHEN making contact.

Two weeks in the minors hopefully helped Schwarber get his swing back.

If it did, the Cubs may finally be back on track to defending their World Series crown.

It just takes one guy to get hot to fire up an entire team.


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