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Things got heated very quickly in the desert of Vegas. JOHN KAVANAGH, and TEAM MCGREGOR had asked recently retired fighter, and now broadcaster PAULIE MALIGNAGGI to come to their camp to spar with CONOR MCGREGOR for his August 26th battle with FLOYD MAYWEATHER. With the team working on boxing as part of regular full MMA training; they were not looking for opinions on how to handle Floyd, all they needed was a sparring partner to go some extra rounds with Conor.

When the MAY-MAC fight was 1st announced and professionals were chiming in Conor chimed right back to very few people, but Paulie was one. Even during their “press tour” there were barbs thrown back and forth; eventually with cooler heads prevailing. Paulie took this opportunity as a growing one for himself. Placing these two in a ring together was tempting fate. Eventually yet quite quickly Paulie started having second thoughts. First; sparring is for the most part private but when he arrived at the UFC Performance Institute not only was Team McGregor there waiting, but so was DANA WHITE, and former UFC co-owner LORENZO FERTITTA which did not sit well with him. Then from all accounts from those there including legendary referee JOE CORTEZ the sparring looked more like an actual fight with lots of pressure and violence. 20 year old TIERNAN BRADLEY; one of Conor’s sparring partners said Conor stated he didn’t want to spar with Paulie, he wanted to fight him and that he was ready for a war. But the final nail in the coffin for Malignaggi came when some pics were posted on instagram of him on the canvas that were made to look as if he got knocked down. Paulie says it was from a push. It was only then that Paulie decided to go do media interviews although he said he wouldn’t, along with social media but knows the leaks came from Conor because only his official photographer was in the room.

Which then led to all the other back and forth social media salvos. Paulie then opened up and released this statement as he left:


We all know how competitive Conor McGregor is; but having a true “expert” like Paulie around should have been handled as the asset it was. For Conor’s sake one hopes that this move doesn’t come back to bite him in the rear. The sands in the hour glass are slipping quickly away as there’s just 3 weeks left before the fight. Very quickly this whole thing can spiral out of control for Team Mac. At this point its doubtful another fighter that knows the in’s and out’s of Floyd would A- be found B- be willing to come in to help. So it appears Conor after the 26th win lose or draw will have a 2nd fight with a boxer lined up…… a war of words with Paulie Malignaggi.



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