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Matt Harvey DFA’d by Mets

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Once one of the most feared pitchers the Mets had, Matt Harvey’s fall from grace started in game five of the 2015 World Series.

When Harvey lost that game in the 9th inning, Harvey was never the same again.

The stats don’t lie.

From there, Harvey was a boat load of drama on and off the field. Whether it was his failed relationship with Anne V, his drunken escapades in Los Angeles or his inability to understand his coaches only wanted to help him rediscover his form, Harvey wanted to be seen in the same light as Derek Jeter once was many years ago. The models, the glory and the fame were all on Harvey’s mind and eventually consumed him. Injuries and bad luck were also a factor, but his attitude eventually made the decision for the Mets that much easier.

Harvey being designated for assignment on Friday became the only option for New York. A pitcher who thinks he is still an ace but refuses help and is completely dillusional has no place on a team that is trying to right a ship that is ravaged by injuries and slumping players.

It remains to be seen who could want Harvey in a trade, if any team at all.

If released, there will be a team that needs starting pitching depth that will give him a shot.

It’s up to Harvey if he’s willing to listen to those who will be around him in his new home.

The dark knight has left Gotham.


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