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UFC 235 was the long roaded crowning moment in the career of KAMARU USMAN. But things seem to be going down a path many said they don’t wanna go down again.

CONOR MCGREGOR took trash talk to a level that have people questioning if there is a line that should not be crossed. The repercussions of the sharp tongued attack has left the top 2 lightweights parked for 1/2 a year thanks to “the incident” at UFC 229. Albeit Khabib will sit out longer due to his refusal to do an anti-bullying PSA, and wanting to sit out for the duration of his teammates suspensions. The NSAC has said their ready to put their foot down and take action against those stepping over the line. There’s a major question to the legality of what they want to implement; but perhaps they are right after all.

Sunday; just a day after the most dominating and impressive win in his career; Usman and fiery manager ALI ABDEL AZIZ were walking in the PALMS Casino. They came across COLBY COVINGTON; who has stoked the flames with not only TYRON WOODLEY, but with KAMARU and  ALI as well. Colby was doing some sort of meet and greet when the following video clip went down:

While Kamaru and Colby just chirped at each other; which is not illegal, that wasn’t the time or place to do it. However, the large black male with Usman and Ali took things to a physical level. Or at least attempted to. No word yet on whether or not the NSAC, hotel security, or Vegas PD; have or will do anything. But this is far from the 1st time Ali has swung and perhaps it is time HE GETS PARKED. The commission has said it’s not a right but a privilege to fight in Vegas. Maybe they need to expand it to being on their property all together as well.

Being a MANAGER; is a high level profession. One that you must be licensed for; although in the shady world of entertainment plenty call themselves managers and agents. Actions like this are proof that someone is unprofessional and unworthy to have that much responsibility. Despite everyone of his fighters swearing by him. Let’s remember this is not the scripted world of the WWE; this is real life where there’s accountability for one’s actions. After all; you’d never see a SCOTT BORAS taking a bat to the knees of a baseball GM for not wanting one of his clients.


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