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MLB DFS 4/11/17

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Things are starting to heat up for me on the diamond. The last few days have been very kind especially last night where I had two lineups go over 150 points out of the four I played. Stacking Washington and fade Coors were very profitable plays.

Tonight we have a 10 game slate with some very large prize pools. I will be concentrating on Draft Kings mostly, but may throw a lineup on Fan Duel tonight before roster lock if I like the starting lineups. The pitching is not very strong tonight as Hamels and Ray are atop the rankings. I am not fond of Hamels, but I do like Ray in San Francisco against all of those lefties and the possibility of Posey being out of the lineup. He will start my OPTIMAL LINEUP at $9,200. I had a tough time choosing a 2nd starter as I like Bundy and Colon in addition to my choice Musgrove who looked very good in his first start and is only $7,700. I think he will soon approach $10K after a few good starts so I will take him at a value. Only paying $16.9K for pitching gave me a number of options with hitting.

I will be playing double digit lineups today and will be stacking Coors on a couple of them, but for my main lineup I will fade them except for Will Myers who is coming off of hitting for the cycle, and faces a young pitcher tonight. I think he can get me three times value and I was not fond of many of the other first basemen on the slate other than Freeman who I will be using elsewhere. Some BVP numbers jumped off the page today. First, Murphy is coming off a bad game last night when his team scored 14, so I think he will be itching to get into the action tonight against Lynn who he had an OPB of .389 against in 18 AB’s. Ryan Braun is 9 for 28 with 3 HR’s against Happ and he destroys lefties in general. George Springer has 2 HR’s in just 5 AB’s versus Miranda so he was an easy play at a value price. I loved the .438 OBP with 2 HR’s for Giancarlo Stanton against Colon in 16 lifetime AB’s, and Realmuto is hitting .429 against Colon with 1 HR in 21 AB’s. Jake Lamb has an OBP of .500 with 1 HR in 12 AB’s versus Samardzija and could go deep. My last spot went to Elvis Andrus at SS who has a .600 OBP against Skaggs in 10 AB’s and hits lefties very well. This is a stacked lineup that should explode and put me well into the mid 100’s.

In addition to this lineup and a few Coors stacks, I will also make a few contrarian stacking using Houston, St. Louis, New York (Mets), Cincinnati, and Milwaukee. I will also us a not so contrarian Toronto stack as I think they will crush today. Much will depend on how the starting lineups look later tonight. I have a feeling we will see some nice value plays in good spots in the lineup. I will post a few of my favorites tonight on twitter @CHRISBOUCHARD88. Good Luck!!!


P – Musgrove $7,700

P – Ray $9,200

C – Realmuto $3,500

1B – Myers $5,200

2B – Murphy $4,500

3B – Lamb $3,300

SS – Andrus $3,300

OF – Braun $4,300

OF – Springer $4,100

OF – Stanton $4,500

Total $49,600 (Remaining Salary $400)

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