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MLB DFS 4/16/17

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Happy Easter!!! It has been an interesting holiday weekend. Friday, I got hit hard in MLB, but one huge NHL lineup solved everything and put some nice cash in my pocket. Saturday, I went very light and only managed a small cash on Draft Kings in MLB. I played horses all day as we are under three weeks away from the Kentucky Derby.

Today, I will again go very light as nothing jumped off the page at me and we have a ton of weather issues in spots I like. I am playing one lineup of NHL on Fan Duel and one lineup on each site for MLB. I am fading the NBA today.

We have a 9 game early main slate today in MLB. Pitching is a bit thin, but there are nice options like Lester, Carrasco, and Harvey who are not aces, but nice 2nd tier options. In looking at the BVP stats and the results some of today’s arms have against their opponents, I landed on 4 pitchers Happ, Bundy, Harvey, and Gonzalez. The wind is blowing out hard in Washington and Harvey has looked very good, so I took him on Fan Duel. Harvey has 31 K’s in 110 AB’s with a .227 batting average against facing the Marlins. On Draft Kings, I decided to take both sides of the Baltimore/Toronto matchup. While the dome is a batting friendly park, both pitchers have dominated the opponent so I am riding it. I hope Lester and Carrasco are the chalk and get blasted. Happ has 54 K’s in 166 AB’s with a .205 batting average against, as the Orioles struggle versus lefties. Bundy crushed the Blue Jays earlier this season for 31.4 points with 8 K’s in 7 innings.

Spending only $16.2K on pitching let me pay up for hitting on Draft Kings. Harvey was $8,700 on Fan Duel, so I had to be a bit more careful. Only a few BVP stats were used today including Solarte who is 4 for 5 against Colon. I used him at 2B on Draft Kings and 3B on Fan Duel. It would be nice if the sites were consistent. Freeman at 1B is 4 for 8 with 1 HR and a .556 OBP versus Cahill and I used him on both sites. Bryant was 3 for 5 with 2 HR’s against Taillon, but I only used him on Draft Kings as I needed to save salary on Fan Duel and I had Solarte as an option. The rest of my hitting selections were based on other reasons.

At catcher, Cervelli hit lefties very well so I plugged him into both sites. I added Murphy on Fan Duel at 2B as Solarte was not an option and the wind is blowing out in Washington, hard to right field. At SS, Bogaerts was a solid option with the wind blowing out in Boston with Cobb on the mound who is vulnerable. In the OF, Benintendi crushes righties and always makes contact. With the wind blowing out to right, I expect a huge day, so I used him on both sites.  I also went with Souza Jr. on both sites against Pomeranz as the Green Monster is in reach and he has started off very well this season. On Draft Kings, I went with Bryce Harper for the last spot as I had the salary and while he does not have great BVP stats with the wind blowing out and his power, he is always an option. For Fan Duel, I decided on Cain against a lefty he should hit well. He is also hitting nearly .400.

While I am not playing huge, I am confident these lineups can score and cash GPP’s. I also think they could blow up and get into the upper 100’s if everything falls in line and the pitching holds up. I am on twitter at @CHRISBOUCHARD88 for any questions. Good Luck!


P – Happ $8,300

P – Bundy $7,900

C – Cervelli $3,000

1B – Freeman $4,400

2B – Solarte $3,400

3B – Bryant $4,600

SS – Bogaerts $4,200

OF – Harper $5,000

OF – Benintendi $3,800

OF – Souza Jr. $4,000

Total $48,600 (Remaining Salary $1,400)



P – Harvey $8,700

C – Cervelli $2,300

1B – Freeman $3,800

2B – Murphy $3,800

3B – Solarte $3,000

SS – Bogaerts $3,500

OF – Benintendi $3,300

OF – Cain $3,800

OF – Souza Jr. $2,800

Total $35,000 (Remaining Salary $0)

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