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MLB DFS 4/9/17

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We got back on track last night with our only lineup scoring 127 points with a very consistent effort. While we did not get a win with our pitching they combined 35.55 points for a solid score. Home runs from Hosmer, Trout, Cuthbert, and Escobar easily moved us into GPP cashes across the board.

Sunday is another split slate with the early 9 games being the main. There is also an afternoon 6 game slate and an interesting 3 game Sunday/Monday slate. I have a main lineup for each and a few extras on the early slate with the largest prize pools.

I like both sides of the pitching in the Tampa Bay/Toronto game. Both have very good numbers against their opponents. Odorizzi has 30K’s in 132 AB’s with an average against of just .182. Estrada is just as good with 30K’s in only 92 AB’s and a .196 average against.

I then looked at some good BVP numbers to fill out my lineup. The mini stack of Jones who is 21 for 70 with 5 HR’s and Machado who is 14 for 43 with 1 HR and a .356 OBP against Sabathia anchor my team. Dozier is at 2B. He is 11/46 with 4 HR’s against the lefty Quintana. Murphy is 4 for 12 with a HR and a .385 OBP against Hellickson and Votto has a .444 OBP in 18 AB’s against Martinez. I filled in the rest of the team with a Cubs mini stack of Bryant and Contreras and Leon at catcher who hits lefties very well and is only $2,900. I have 4 other lineups made on this slate stacking Washington, St. Louis, and the Cubs. I also copied the same OPTIMAL LINEUP just switching to some more risky pitching.


P – Odorizzi $7,800

P – Estrada $8,400

C – Leon $2,500

1B – Votto $4,400

2B – Dozier $4,200

3B – Murphy $4,500

SS – Machado $5,000

OF – Jones $4,200

OF – Bryant $5,000

OF – Contreras $3,900

Total $50,000 (Remaining Salary $0)

For the afternoon slate, I decided to use the chalk Cueto and a riskier play Maeda in Coors Field for my pitching. I used some more players with very good BVP stats including Turner who is 6 for 9 with 1 HR, Andrus who is 7 for 11, and Davis who is 5 for 10 with 1 HR and a .583 OBP against their pitchers.  Nelson Cruz is 7 for 21 with 2 HR’s against Shoemaker,  Bruce is batting .500 in 16 AB’s versus Volquez and Posey is 9 for 22 with a .440 OBP versus Richard. I completed the lineup with some power potential using Encarnacion at 1B and Cano at 2B. Of my 3 main lineups today, this one is my favorite.


P – Cueto $11,600

P – Maeda $6,000

C – Posey $4,000

1B – Encarnacion $4,500

2B – Cano $3,800

3B – Turner $4,600

SS – Andrus $3,700

OF – Davis $4,200

OF – Bruce $3,300

OF – Cruz $3,900

Total $49,600 (Remaining Salary $400)

I really like the Mets tonight so I decided to stack them against the Marlins at home for the 3 game Sunday/Early Monday slate. I used Syndergaard and Verlander as my pitchers as Detroit hosts Boston and their banged up offense Monday. Bruce is being used again with his good BVP stats as well as Cabrera who also has good number against Volquez. I added Granderson, Cespedes, and Walker to complete the six Mets barrage. I used a pair of Tigers against Sale as Martinez owns Sale going 20 for 46 with 4 HR’s against him and I punted a bit with McCann who has sneaky power. Finally, I added Headley at 3B who is a value at only $3,200.


P – Syndergaard $11,800

P – Verlander $10,500

C – McCann $2,900

1B – Martinez $3,800

2B – Walker $3,300

3B – Headley $3,200

SS – Cabrera $3,400

OF – Granderson $3,600

OF – Bruce $3,300

OF – Cespedes $4,100

Total $49,900 (Remaining Salary $100)

Today will be filled with watching the Masters, NASCAR, and betting on Keeneland but I will be on twitter @CHRISBOUCHARD88 for advice and questions on your lineups. Good Luck!!!


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