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MLB DFS 5/1/17

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I can’t believe it, but April is already gone. We are now deep into the MLB season and we have a plethora of new stats and trends to account for when looking at DFS. After basically taking Saturday off, Sunday was very kind to us as Anthony Rendon decided to go off for 71 points and my Washington stack against the hurt Syndergaard paid off for over 200 points and a big score. This team could have been even better if my 2nd starting pitcher didn’t get hurt.  He only pitched one inning but thankfully, my 1st pitcher Keuchel was on fire. I wish I would have played this stack a bit harder, but I am not going to complain about a win.

Today, we have a 11 game evening slate with no Coors Field and only Kershaw as a huge decision on whether to fade or not. I have done very well the last week picking players who are very low owned and have decent BVP numbers. Today, I will continue on this path on a few of my stacks, but for my main lineup, I am going a bit chalkier to try to insure GPP cashes.

For pitching, I was only fond of a few players which will make my other lineups very hard to put together. I just cannot ignore Kershaw even at $13.9K. He is at home against the Giants who are only hitting .166 against him with 107K’s in 362 AB’s. Thankfully, some of my hitters were good value plays so I am using him in my main lineup. While I liked Norris, Severino, Teheran, and Odorizzi, they were too expensive for my 2nd choice. I landed on Amir Garrett who should be lower owned after his blow up last week. He is still a very quality pitcher and I am willing to forgive his last outing and focus on the good ones.  He was $5.5K putting my total pitching number at $19.4K which is a bit higher than I like, but for Kershaw is just fine.

Only one of my 8 hitters did not have proven BVP numbers against their opponent today. This was Benintendi who is a rookie. He is hitting .333 with 3 HR’s on the season though and should do well against the righty Bundy. He is only $3.9K. My other two outfielders include the hot hitting Matt Kemp at $4.3K who is 4 for 9 with 1 HR and a .500 OBP versus Gsellman, and Seth Smith at $3.5K who is 9 for 19 with a .500 OBP against Porcello. At catcher, Avila, at only $2.8K, is still hitting over .400 and faces Bauer who he is 7 for 18 against with 2 HR’s and a .500 OBP.

My infield is stacked with Freeman at 1B, at $4.6K, who is only 3 for 8 against Gsellman, but is hitting .381 on the season with 9 HR’s. At 2B, I took Gyorko, at only $3.8K, versus Davies who he is 7 for 10 against with a .750 OBP and 1 HR. I liked Gregorius at SS who has been on fire since his return and is 6 for 21 with 3 HR’s and a .381 OBP against Estrada. He is only $3.4K as his salary is slow to adjust. Finally, at 3B I have Longoria at $4.1K. He is 11 for 40 with 2 HR’s against Chen, which is just OK, but I really like his .362 OBP.

In addition, I like a few teams for stacks including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Houston, and the Chicago White Sox. I am sure I will add a few more lineups before roster lock tonight once I get a better picture who is playing and the batting orders. I will post these on twitter at @CHRISBOUCHARD88 before 7pm. Good Luck!!!


P – Kershaw $13,900

P – Garrett $5,500

C – Avila $2,800

1B – Freeman $4,600

2B – Gyorko $3,800

3B – Longoria $4,100

SS – Gregorius $3,400

OF – Kemp $4,300

OF – Smith $3,500

OF – Benintendi $3,900

Total $49,800 (Remaining Salary $200)

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