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MLB DFS 5/9/17

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The dust has finally settle on the Kentucky Derby weekend and I am now back into MLB DFS full time again. It was an amazing week that saw me take down a big score at Keeneland, but then struggle a bit over the 2 day festival at Churchill Downs. Over all it was a mid-four figure upswing that was sorely needed as we are less than four weeks away from the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Today we have a 14 game slate that again has weather issues in Coors and a possible problem in Cincinnati. Last night was difficult, as I played a Coors teams that did very well but was washed out. I did manage two GPP cashes with one decent score for 3X-4X.

The pitching today is headlined by Max Scherzer, but I am a bit leery of him in this matchup. My three favorite pitchers on this slate are the youngster Urias and two pitchers with good stats against their opponents in Verlander and Santiago. I will be playing 5-6 lineups tonight, including a Detroit stack, and these three pitchers will be heavily involved. For my main lineup, I will use Urias at $8K and Santiago at $6.8K so I can pay up for some big bats.

There are not a ton of huge BVP stats to grasp onto today, so I am using a variety of players in good spots against vulnerable pitchers. Four players I am using have decent stats against their opponent tonight including Altuve at 2B who is 7 for 17 against Colon. I also took Segura who is 4 for 5 against Eichhoff and it swinging a good bat. In the OF, I took Rasmus against Chris Young who he is 3 for 7 against with a HR and a .556 OBP, and Nick Markakis against Charlie Morton as he is 5 for 9. The stats do not jump off the page, but they are enough to give me an inexpensive base. I added to this lineup Realmuto at Catcher, Freeman at 1B, and the Nationals duo of Rendon at 3B and Harper in the OF. I still had $1,200 left to spend, but I was very happy with this lineup and did not see a way to improve in with spending more money.  I may make a tweak if something is glaring when lineups come out, but I doubt it.

I also have a Detroit stack in the works and a 3rd lineup attacking Pelfrey, Morton, and Young. My last 2-3 lineups will not be started until the final lineups are announced. I probably will not touch Coors unless I get a very promising weather report. I will also likely get Max Scherzer on a lineup with either Carrasco or Samardzija as their ceilings are very high. I will only be able to do this if enough value bats are in good spots in their lineups. I will post all lineups on twitter at @CHRISBOUCHARD88 before 7pm. Good Luck!!!


P – Urias $8,000

P – Santiago $6,800

C – Realmuto $3,500

1B – Freeman $4,600

2B – Altuve $4,900

3B – Rendon $4,600

SS – Segura $4,200

OF – Harper $5,400

OF – Markakis $3,400

OF – Rasmus $3,400

Total $48,800 (Remaining Salary $1,200)


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