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MLB Fans! 15 Days Until The Trade Deadline

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The All-Star break is over signifying the ceremonial start of the second half of the MLB 2015 season.

But there are only 16 days left to the trade deadline, July 31st.  What does that mean?  For teams that are close to the divisional lead or wild card spot, it signifies a push to trade for that missing piece to help that team towards the playoffs. For those on the bubble or out of the playoff chase, it signifies the fire sale of contracts to help balance the books. What’s your team going to do? For the American League, we can pretty much safely say the KC Royals are not coming back to the pack. The AL East and West will probably go down to the wire. For the National League, St. Louis and Pittsburg are the looking tough to beat. But where does that leave the 10 teams within 5 games of the final wild card spots in both leagues? We’re going to find out over the next 16 day playoff race.

Those teams that prevail and don’t fall apart, they will be in the market for players to improve the roster. For those who fall behind quickly, you can bet the for sale sign will be on the front lawn. It’s a very emotional and difficult point for fans across the country. You feel terrible when your team throws in the towel and your left to watch a team flounder over the final 60 games. For those who go on a roll over the next 16 days, they  will wake up on the 31st to the reality that Christmas has come early in July. For their teams will make those trades for the talent needed to make the push to the post season. But for the fans, have no fear if July 31st comes with a FOR SALE  sign on your favorite MLB team’s lawn, you only have few days before your favorite NFL teams’ players report to training camp.  It will give you more time to brush up on your fantasy draft strategy.


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