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Move to Cincinnati Gives Matt Harvey Hope

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Matt Harvey just a month ago looked like one of those pitchers that you could see an ESPN 30 for 30 special air regarding his fall from grace.

His back and forth with the New York Mets always made the papers. He wanted to be the next Derek Jeter of New York. Whether it was dating super models or living the luxury life in the heart of New York City, Harvey always wanted to be the center of attention.

He eventually pitched his way out of New York on and off the field and found himself in a dead end situation playing for the Reds.

This essentially became Harvey’s last chance to show and he can still go at the Major League level after all of the injuries and all the drama. Harvey’s move to Ohio has been great for him just from a little to no media coverage standpoint. He has no real opportunity to reject speaking to reporters on the national level or have his every move looked at by the paparazzi on the streets of New York. This means everyone is now focused on his performance.

After a rough month or so on the Reds, Harvey may have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel to get himself back to the pitcher he once was.

This is obviously a small sample size but add in the fact he does pitch in a hitter friendly ballpark known as Great American Ballpark, Harvey may have finally turned it around.

His fastball isn’t topping out in the upper 90’s anymore, but it appears he is learning how to pitch a pitcher’s game. Meaning hitting the corners and keeping the ball in the park.

Harvey can thank interim pitching coach Danny Darwin for his success. Darwin had moderate success in the big leagues over the course of his career and it’s possible Darwin’s short term guidance has benefited Harvey.

Only time will tell if Harvey can keep this up and earn himself a solid paycheck and opportunity in 2019.


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