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NASCAR And Monster Energy Extend Through 2019

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With only being in its second year as NASCAR’s top primary sponsor, Monster Energy extended their sponsorship through 2019, but is not expected to go beyond that. Monster Energy took over after Sprint decided to focus on other venues besides racing and the energy drinks’s impact was immediately felt. They saw added success as they were still sponsoring Kurt Busch when he won the 59th Daytona 500, and brought a lot of enhancements that Sprint has never done.

Monster Energy’s arrival brought the new regular season championship and the stage races, which has added more excitement to the series. The stage points have helped drivers build more confidence and playoff points in order to have a fair chance of winning the championship. It definitely helped Martin Truex Jr, as he became the first regular season championship and the overall champion in the same year. It was also an advantage for him to help win more races and compete against the heavyweights.

Monster Energy is only the fourth sponsor to cover the top series since 1971 and attempted to aim at younger fans. So after only three years as the title sponsor, it will most likely be the shortest run as sponsor in the sport’s history. Instead of actually looking for a main title sponsor, it is said that NASCAR plans to bundle sponsorship with sanctioning body, tracks and media partners. So from the looks of things, everyone involved will have a hand in primary sponsorship.

Though no longer playing the role of title sponsor after 2019, Monster Energy does plan to remain in the sport in some aspect. The most popular energy drink is to be credited for helping bring the sport to another level never before imagined in NASCAR. Whatever the future plans may be after 2019 will most likely not be known for awhile, but it appears that it will be a totally different direction, hopefully for the better.

Xfinity and Camping World are expected to stay around as the lower tier sponsors.

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