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NASCAR Feud: Kyle Busch Vs Joey Logano

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Yes NASCAR fans, the ever lovable and somewhat controversial edition of the NASCAR Feud has returned to start off 2017. Everyone at Las Vegas Motor Speedway wanted some excitement to go along with the news that they will replace New Hampshire on the Fall schedule during the playoffs in 2018. Even with Martin Truex Jr’s domination of the race, the fireworks didn’t truly start until the very end. It involved Kyle Busch and Joey Logano.

Logano and Busch were battling for position trying to get past a fast falling Brad Keselowski after being forced to give up the lead due to a mechanical problem. Busch got behind Keselowski and tried to go down, which he inadvertently bumped Logano. On the final turn, it looked as though Logano got loose and bumped Kyle, which sent him flying into pit road. Both were battling for fourth place in which Keselowski and Logano finished side by side. Despite what might have went wrong, Keselowski finished fifth.

After the race, Busch confronted Logano at his pit box and swung at him, though Logano claims no punches were thrown. Once Busch swung, he was tackled down mostly by Logano’s crew and a NASCAR official had to pull him away. Busch ended up with a cut across his forehead and was bleeding while walking back to his hauler. Logano was pulled away before he could pull off any retaliation of his own.

Logano is off to a good start this season with two sixth place finishes on the East Coast and his fourth place finish at Las Vegas. Kyle on the other hand is not where he wants to be right now especially not winning on his home track. No top tens so far and a worst finish of 38th at the Daytona 500 has to have set in when he got spun out. After the spin out, Kyle ended up 22nd, and despite the finish was able to move up to 19th in points.

NASCAR called it hard racing and does not expect to penalize either driver, even though Kyle did swing at Logano. They are however expected to sit both drivers down when they come to Phoenix this weekend. The temperature is expected to get as high as 95 degrees, so I’m sure the early Spring heat will help cool things down much. The highest ranked driver for Joe Gibbs Racing is Matt Kenseth in 13th, where the team is a far cry from where they started last season.

Team Penske has nothing to worry about. Keselowski won in Atlanta and is now locked into the playoffs, and thanks to Harvick’s early wreck at Las Vegas has taken over the points lead. Logano is currently fifth in points.

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