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NASCAR For Sale???

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Yes NASCAR fans, you heard right. The entire league of NASCAR could be going up for sale in the near future and the France family who has owned the sport since 1948, could be getting out of it for good. This could possibly explain as to why Monster Energy would not be returning after 2019, as NASCAR announced recently. They were possibly looking into getting tracks with sponsorship involved more frequently and other possibilities, but the France family leaving the sport is the biggest news yet.

Brian France is the current chairman and CEO of NASCAR, with Lesa France Kennedy as vice chairperson. Both are the grandchildren of Bill France Sr, who founded NASCAR in 1947 and has been family owned since its inception and son Bill Jr. who was president until 2000. No doubt that the France family has been a traditional group when it comes to their vision of stock car racing, but recently their views and visions of today’s NASCAR had been frowned upon claiming that under Brian’s direction, the sport has went backwards.

To make matters worse, viewership is said to be down this year and the biggest disappointment was this year’s Daytona 500 which is NASCAR’s crown jewel. While Ford has made a statement in competing and hanging with Japanese maker Toyota, there seems to be no improvement from last season despite Monster Energy’s efforts to improve not only the sport, but the seasonal structure itself. After 2019, we could see tradition Cup sponsorship come to an end.

Yes you heard right. No matter who buys NASCAR, everything you have seen since 1948 will be a thing of the past. When new owners take over, you never know what will happen and that is usually scary. The France family most likely feel that their time in NASCAR is up and it is time for someone else to take over the reins. They have until most likely November 2019 to do so when Monster Energy leaves. They have a year and a half to do so, so that is plenty of time to get out while they can.

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