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NBA All-Star Break: Halfway Home to the Unavoidable

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This year’s NBA season has spiraled out of control in regards to the selfish demanding of trades and the overall direction of the league. We’re seeing superstars such as Anthony Davis hold their teams hostage in regards to the future of their respective franchises.

You can’t blame the New Orleans Pelicans for wanting nearly the entire world for Davis, as they expressed when dealing with the Los Angeles Lakers during trade negotiations earlier this month. Davis wants out of New Orleans but the Pelicans if getting rid of one of the best players in the league, deserve a King’s ransom (no pun intended) in exchange, it’s only fair. Players such as Davis who make such a big spectacle of wanting out are sending the NBA down a very bad path.

Every big name superstar wants the big money and to put together super teams. We all can blame LeBron James for his decision a few years ago to form “the big three” with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, but in hindsight, it could have ended there.

As the title of this article states, we are halfway home to the unavoidable. The unavoidable is the third straight NBA title for the Golden State Warriors. This is thanks to the selfishness of Kevin Durant. Granted, if you or I were in Durant’s shoes, we would want to chase our first ring, no? However, Durant’s jump to an already loaded Warriors team a few years back ignited the most recent wave of super teams forming and is sending the NBA into a whirlwind of disarray. With a majority of the league headed towards free agency after this season, the sad reality is many of the superstars hitting free agency such as Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and so on, are going to head to places in which a foundation is already set. They’re going to head to places that are one or two pieces away from becoming the next Golden State Warriors, eliminating the parody that is needed in order to have a successful sports league.

So, instead of having half of the league be competitive, the 2019-20 season will most likely have four to six teams at most who can compete and that is about it, with two teams being “super” squads. One of those teams will most likely end up be LeBron’s Lakers because, why wouldn’t LeBron try and corrupt free agency? You will then see one of those six or so teams acquire Anthony Davis because, why not?

It’s a dangerous direction for the league and something has to be done by Adam Silver. I don’t know what that is, but the NBA has become virtually unwatchable as it is, especially since it’s a near foregone conclusion that the Warriors will win once again. Yes we have great squads like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Oklahoma City Thunder but it doesn’t matter.

Luckily, teams like the Dallas Mavericks are bracing for this decline in league competitiveness, as Mark Cuban has loaded his team up to be one of the best in a matter of two or three years. Unfortunately, his team is one of the few that saw this wave coming. This wave of selfishness by the players.

That selfishness won’t go away unless something is done.


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