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NBA Player Contract Maximums Gotta Go

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Many people, mostly those that are not sports fans, dislike how much money professional athletes receive. I understand the argument, but what these people don’t think about is that the money is going somewhere. The argument becomes whether you want the athletes dedicating their life to their craft to get the money, or if you want it to stay at the top with the billionaires that run the organizations. Unless of course, you want the government to eliminate the concept of supply and demand, and limit how much consumers are allowed to spend on their entertainment; and that is an entirely different argument.

I’m not saying to get rid of the salary cap, because I understand the point of that. The cap encourages competition by not giving a financial edge to teams from larger markets, however, what does limiting the amount that an individual player can sign for do to increase competition? If anything, it does the exact opposite. I won’t act like I know everything about how NBA contracts work, because I don’t. What I do know is that players with drastically different levels of ability seem to make similar amounts of money due to the way they are structured.

There is a salary cap in place to limit the demand for a player, so a team should be able to take a $60 million hit to their budget for one player if they so choose. It would certainly help to break up these ‘super teams’ like the Warriors and Cavaliers that the NBA is so commonly seeing now. I understand that players want to play for the Warriors now because they are almost guaranteed a championship, even if they do have to take less money, but it’s not that much less money. Kevin Durant took $9.5 million less than he was able to get in order to stay with the Warriors, but can you imagine him, or any other players, taking $30 million less to sign to a particular team?

I guess the only argument is that the association wants it to be easier for teams to retain players and not make their decisions all about money, but wouldn’t it be a more exciting if the top 20 players in the league were dispersed across 10 to 15 teams instead of 7 or 8? The NBA Finals did receive a high rating this year because the fans did want to see how the series between two stacked teams played out for the third time in a row, but I’d imagine the NBA Playoffs as a whole would be more viewable if each round was competitive instead of just the last one.


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