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Each “new beginning” for an organization comes with its own unique wrinkles. Moving from the FOX SPORTS era to the ESPN era would be no different for the UFC. Since the company came into existence 25 years ago there’s obviously been changes to its championship belts; but nothing over-the-top dramatic. Until now. With ownership being an entertainment base (WME/IMG); which is something that most fans from day one still have a hard time understanding that priorities have forever changed. Now being aired on the MICKEY MOUSE/DISNEY network the slant will be even more so to entertainment over “sport”. It’s just the way it is. Frankly; that’s ownership’s prerogative. They’re the one’s that shelled out mill…. mean BILL-ions of dollars for it. They should be able to do what they wish with their new toy. Now yes; they’ve had control of the company for a while; but changing tv partners make no mistake had some part in the new belt layout.

Does that mean ESPN designed the belt? Absolutely NOT. It means “the timing was key”, and you can assume that big wigs from every department discussed what tinkering would be done. Just look at the example of what the WWE belts, and boxing titles underwent in this “media generation”. Although boxing titles are still classic form; opposed to the multi-wrestling designs. The immediate fan reaction across social media for the most part is not good. They’ve called it “flat out hideous” to looking like a “child’s toy” to “something they’d never wanna wear”. The winner of the TJ DILLASHAW – HENRY CEJUDO  super fight will be the 1st one to actually wear it. Here’s the belts layout:

To be honest; it could’ve been a lot worse. The things that make THIS belt special won’t truly be able to be appreciated by anyone not holding it or wearing it. Perhaps that’s why the “fan” is so bent out of shape. They always need something to pick at. These belts are personalized for “the champ”; and that is a commendable change. One that honestly should have been part of the belt at UFC 1. Something that could have been added is a 3rd plate on both sides of the strap with an image of the 1st champion of that particular division, something on the classic boxing title.

It’s almost a guarantee that after Saturday nights fights are done; those that are complaining about this will have about 30 different things to snipe at. As far as yours truly in concerned: TJ/Cejudo/every other hard working athlete to be lucky enough in life to wear one of these; “MUCH LOVE AND WEAR IN GOOD HEALTH”.


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  1. Susan walker

    January 19, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Love cyclones articles!

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